Genetics of Stubborn Belly Fat

Belly Fat Stubborn 

What’s overlooked in healthy weight lossGenes comprising this DNA test have associations with body weight and provide specific information regarding fat distribution. At Susannah Makram Clinics we test for 13 genes that impact metabolism and exercise. Isn’t it frustrating when we don’t know what’s stopping us from losing weight? Stubborn belly fat or stubborn body fat and body mass index BMI in particular have genes or SNPs we’re interested in. These all meet stringent criteria for utility in genetic screening tests. Do they hold the key to your successful healthy weight loss?

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Fat Gene

Fat Gene


Lose Belly Fat

What’s the right percentage of carbs, fat and protein that will make us lose weight? What genetics are involved to get rid of stubborn belly fat?

Your test results may tell you the personalised answers you need to achieve your healthy weight loss goals.

All genes tested meet the following stringent criteria for utility in genetic screening tests:

Fat Gene

Fat Gene

  • Have proven biological function. Many of the genetic variations in the test panel produce a change in the amino acid structure of the protein and change theactivity of the protein. Other variations in the panel affect transcription factors in DNA-based communications.
  • Have a plausible biological role in weight management. For example, some of the gene variations produce a change in the amount of fat absorbed from a meal or alter carbohydrate metabolism that has a direct correlation to stubborn belly fat.
  • Have evidence from clinical studies, that individuals with different genotypes have a differential response to either certain diets or different levels of physical activity.

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Weight Management Genetic Testing has been all over the news in the US – The Today ShowThe Wall Street JournalCBS Morning News – In America they are calling it personalised medicine

We are calling it boundary breaking functional medicine at Susannah Makram Clinics because we know who this test will work for and why so there is no time wasting and false hope

The DNA test for healthy weight loss

Fat Gene

Fat Gene

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