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most comfortable designer shoes
5 most comfortable heels
5 most comfortable heels As a shoes addict knowing the 5 most comfortable heels from the perspective of an osteopath is super important! Comfy heels for clubbing? Yes, they exist and it really is about quality. Style doesn’t mean we disregard quality. Some designer shoes will only take you so far day-to-day. If we’re walking a lot then I advise mixing up our sneaks, pumps and going barefoot to avoid low...Read more  ➜

how to wear high heels without pain in ball of foot
Top 5 high heel hacks for a Model
Top 5 high heel hacks for a Model As a fellow shoe lover we know the right shoes makes the outfit. Is it the best inserts for high heels that’s note worthy? Do painless high heels really exist? As a Knightsbridge osteopath how to walk in high heels is one of the greatest pieces of advice and aftercare I’m privileged to offer in our osteopathic services in London. There’s...Read more  ➜

Top Ten Foodie Tips in London
Top Ten Foodie Tips in London Best restaurants in London aren’t hard to find. Some say we can’t compare to Milan or Paris. We disagree! We have famous restaurants in London. London accommodates for every palate. we’re probably the most multicultural city in the world. Any vegan can find a fine selection of restaurants and cafes. Gluten free options are more available than ever. We have delicious vegetarian food as well...Read more  ➜

scoliosis and osteopathy
Scoliosis and Osteopathy
Scoliosis Categories What’s scoliosis? Scoliosis is any abnormal sideways curvature of the spine measuring at least 10 degrees on an x-ray. Extreme cases of scoliosis can be disabling, causing lung and heart complications. The general categories are structural scoliosis and nonstructural or functional scoliosis. Structural vs. Nonstructural Scoliosis Here are two general categories for scoliosis: Structural scoliosis is by far the most common category of scoliosis. It involves spinal rotation in...Read more  ➜

shin splints pain
Shin Splints
Shin splints definition Shin splints are an overuse injury of the origin of the tibialis posterior muscles. There is micro-bleeding at the junction between the bone cover (periosteum) and muscle origin. Our posture before we begin exercising is a springboard to encourage healing. Optimising our posture supports the return from rest to exercise. Then you can establish shin splints recovery. You can supply the missing link between the initial healing stages of an...Read more  ➜

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