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shin splints pain
Shin Splints
Shin splints Shin splints are an overuse injury of the origin of the tibialis posterior muscles. There is micro-bleeding at the junction between the bone cover (periosteum) and muscle origin. What causes shin splints? Excessive running with faulty alignment in the lower leg is the most common cause. Shin splints, also known as medial tibial stress syndrome (MTSS),  are an overuse injury. Symptoms of shin splints i.e. what you notice Pain...Read more  ➜

fat burner
Healthy Weight Loss Packages
FUNCTIONAL HEALTHY WEIGHT LOSS PACKAGES DETOX PACKAGES SAFE. CLINICAL. PRACTICAL. EFFECTIVE. 3 safe healthy weight loss packages to choose from to keep you on the right track without compromising the lifestyle you’re accustomed to. Healthy Weight Loss Packages PACKAGE ONE TEST and products Gene Mapping for Healthy Belly Fat Burning Find out your optimum percentage of proteins, fats and carbohydrate and which foods, for your optimal belly fat burning...Read more  ➜

frozen shoulder treatment
Frozen Shoulder Treatment
Frozen Shoulder Causes Osteopathy with Susannah for frozen shoulder works to reduce pain and improve mobility. The anatomy of the shoulder makes it the most mobile joint of the body. This helps explain the causes of frozen shoulder from an osteopath’s view. At Susannah Makram Clinics London we provide clients with frozen shoulder symptoms, both knowledge and understanding of how symptoms of immobility and pain can be improved. The bones, ligaments...Read more  ➜

salt bath for health
Magnesium Salt Baths For Health
Magnesium Salt Baths For Health Most of us also have too much calcium in our bodies, relative to our magnesium levels. This is mainly from fortified foods and imbalanced soils. Magnesium is essential to nearly 300 biochemical reactions in our body. Most people are deficient in Magnesium… in fact, you probably are too.  We’re eating food cultivated from soils depleted of minerals like magnesium. Conventional fertilisers use nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus and...Read more  ➜

treating acne
Treating Acne
Treating Acne The oil (sebum) in our skin is made by sebaceous glands that reside in our hair follicles. When cellular debris blocks pores, the sebum becomes trapped. Bacteria feed on sebum then multiply. The result is a comedone. Click here to find out more about acne treatment options for: Bacteria management – increase recovery rate and improve wound healing Acne Scarring – linked to collagen depletion in the area...Read more  ➜

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