Ski Injury

Ski Injury

Ski injury wipes out fun. Commonly these are: knee injury; shoulder dislocation; other shoulder injury; neck muscle pain from sprains and strains. They make up the majority of clients here. Concussion is common, therefore:

Sports injury prevention, preparing the body for impact and climate change is popular with oversees clients. Physical therapy with Susannah and the team: osteopathy in Knightsbridge, CHELSEA, is:

  • Dynamic posture assessment
  • Personalised stability exercise
  • Functional osteopathy

    Body balance is key. What’s your dynamic posture? 

snowboarding injury

ski injury

Ski injury

Dynamic posture is key. As a KENSINGTON & CHELSEA  Osteopath posture assessment isn’t limited to ergonomics at a work station. We’re optimising musculoskeletal balance of our bodies in motion. As London osteopath Susannah capitalises on her client’s bodies’ strengths. That’s the secret to long lasting care before and after ski season.

Ski Verbier

Ski Verbier

Sports Injury

How we’ll recover from a fall is not coincidence. It’s not purely down to body mechanics and functional movement either. Muscle sprains and strains, small tears in soft tissue, inflammation and pain. A snowboarding injury followed by neck pain, for example, or low back pain, knee pain, is totally dependent on our total body wellness. We run corporate wellness clinics in London, in the city. Our team of specialists include physicians, surgeons, orthopaedic consultants and physical therapists. We look after the effects of stress and lifestyle on body health.

So if your not sure if you need an MRI or and X-Ray we’ll tell you and we’ll help you decide on your care pathway. Back pain and neck pain can be secondary to a snowboarding injury.

Functional osteopathy for ski Season includes:

  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Cranio-sacral Therapy or Cranial Osteopathy
  • Myofacsial stretching and sliding cupping
  • Strain Counter Strain Techniques
  • Controlled Joint traction and mobilisation
  • Gentle Joint Adjustment


Back and neck pain are never normal. As a Kensington and Chelsea osteopath in London, I’m trained to guide you to the safest first step.

West End Osteopath

Harley Street Osteopath

Functional nutrition and lifestyle advice can make your ski season even better. How? Nutrition and tissue repair can be enormously helpful to your sports injury recovery. As a London naturopath, osteopath my knowledge of the body and it’s response to the environment, to trauma and to nutrition is what makes my client’s health journey with me unique.

Safe, clinical, practical and effective.

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