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Sleep and Skin

Sleeping Beauty

BBeauty Arabia is the go-to for on trend beauty tips. Secrets to beauty that last long after the makeup has come off – check it out! Susannah sat down with the team to spill natural skincare secrets. Does our skin suffer when we lose snooze time? What’s happening to our skin when we sleep? Does the real life, modern sleeping beauty exist?

sleep and skin

sleep and skin

Clear skin overnight

Acne and blemishes can trouble us at various stages in our lives. I know, it really isn’t fair, is it? We know about all kinds of skin problems, like acne, with triggers that need care and attention. Have we ever considered the importance of sleep in this equation though? Does it really make a difference? Find out here.


sleep and skin

sleep and skin

Sleep and skin

What’s happening to our skin overnight might shock you. Sleep and wrinkles are a pertinent topic of discussion for skin experts. We want options. We want to know what really makes a difference when it comes to antiaging skin care. Susannah summaries the shocking effects of sleep deprivation on skin here.

Luxury Skin care

Head over to Beauty Arabia and get the facts on overnight skin care. Luxury skin care often include overnight serums and overnight creams, moisturisers, skin caviar etc.

AlumierMD was created by a team of experienced PhD biochemists, physicians and skin care specialists.

They developed scientific formulations using innovative ingredients at optimal levels within advanced delivery systems.

Find out more. 

What if, all along, it was that you got pice of mind from these products? What if, all along it was that extra hour of good old fashioned zeds that left you waking up more beautiful and with younger looking skin?

Susannah Makram - Author

Susannah Makram is recognised as one of the leaders in complementary health and functional medicine in the UK, having written for the mainstream press as well as regularly on her own blog.

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