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Superfoods List

Superfoods list

I get asked a lot about superfoods. Are they really as super as they sound? What are the top superfoods everyone should be eating? What makes a food a superfood exactly?

So guess what I did? I answered all your pertinent questions on the topic of superfoods here.

Superfoods List

Superfoods List

The healthiest foods

The media seem to go crazy over the superior superfood so we assume they must be the world’s healthiest foods. Do I agree? Find out here. 

In modern times we all want to get maximum output for minimum input. We don’t have time to read food labels although, I always advise that you do. You’d be surprised at what’s inside our food exactly.

Superfoods seems to satisfy our appetite for maximising what we can get out of a bite of superfood as opposed to consistently eating well and taking ownership of our health.

That to one side, there’s benefits to knowing a thing or two about the 7 superfoods I highlight here.     [tweetthis]There’s benefits to knowing a thing or two about the 7 #superfoods highlighted here. [/tweetthis]



You may be surprised to learn what these foods can do to your body as a whole. It goes beyond anti-ageing or ageing well but you need to know the science. The science is not all that complicated either, so you might be introducing new foods to your breakfast table, new foods into your children’s packed lunch or adding that little something to your take out order you never did before. Remember, balance is key.

We all want a quick fix but the fact is we couldn’t exist on superfoods even if we tried – and why would we want to? It’s not personalised and it’s not necessarily as good for us as it might be for the next person. They’re not all as exotic as they sound either…

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