The Body Youth Code

The Body Youth Code  accounts for your individual genetic make-up, your lifestyle and medical history of health story to date. The Body Youth Code taps into our inherent capacity for dynamic movement, cellular repair, tissue flexibility, over time and optimal function of  metabolic processes.

Genetics, Human Peptide Regulation, our Nutrition and Environment are key to unlocking youth – appearance and our longevity. These 4 IN THE FOUR PHASES boost performance.
Advancements in gerontology & aesthetic medicine have results proven to be reliant on The Body Youth Code’s multidisciplinary approach.

Naturopathic nutrition for healthy weight loss and chronic fatigue and male and female fertility is successful when the correct investigations are applied. Skincare and hair vitality require explanation and planning for short-term and lasting results that are life changing.

Your Naturopathic Portfolio – that is at the forefront of every treatment within The Body Youth Code – is designed to be:


The greatest example of longevity can be seen in relation to standards of success in this time and in this age. The remarkable capacity for human resistance to disease or decline in age-related health is comparable to consistently striving for optimum lifestyle and performance.

the body youth code

The Body Youth Code

The barometer for this longevity is found within The Body Youth Code that is a trademark for Susannah’s knowledge. Scientific research underlines her interest in gerontology and specifically the interactions of neuroendocrine and immune systems, along with genetic predispositions to ageing.

Care pathways are updated as our knowledge and research expands. Each new discovery is applied only after clinical trials prove there is positive correlation towards health. Care pathways work within our modern lifestyles. The Body Youth Code is a method. IN THE FOUR PHASES is personalised.

Safe, clinical, practical and effective.

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