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From Consultation To Nutrition

Personalised Nutrition

WHAT’S nutrition advice exactly? Don’t YOU have to do all the hard work? Making lifestyle changes is difficult.

Realistically we can’t put all our effort into change. It’s time consuming. Unless we live in a spa.
So that’s where Susannah comes in. She’s the corporate and family wellness nutrition expert. The best investment you can make is in functional health.  Susannah is Knightsbridge’s resident osteopath and naturopath.

Susannah’s portfolio is premium. It’s not a money saver. It will make you money. Susannah’s premium portfolio optimises your energy levels, helps to prevent chronic illness, helps you – yes, you! – lose stubborn fat. It’s nutrition that you feel working. You’ll feel fitter and your performance at work and in your personal life, your skin, quality of life will improve.

Nutrition expert Mayfair

Nutrition expert Mayfair

What to expect

– A system’s review
This might include an overall health check. Should records show that the following are not up to date. Readings for conditions relating to cardiovascular, neurological and endocrine system health. Predisposing genetic factors, traits and trends are also taken into consideration at this stage. These outline the sketch of “you” in the personalised nutrition, Naturopathic  portfolio.

When necessary implementation of the following investigations check for:

Imbalances in specific hormone levels
– Allergies, intolerances, food sensitivities
– Vitamin and mineral deficiencies
– Genetic & molecular cell health via DNA analysis for weight loss & male fertility

From consultation to nutrition – from taking your first step to being on your way to health        [tweetthis]From consultation to #nutrition -from taking your 1st step to being on your way #health[/tweetthis]

What is naturopathy?

Your Naturopathic Portfolio is personalised nutrition safe, effective and practical with an emphasis on food as medicine.

Your goals are accounted for and discussions are made regarding the most realistic way to reach target.

Treatment of the cause or causes of your condition requires investigations only if this treatment changes after data is gathered for your:

Differential diagnoses
Clinical diagnosis or diagnoses
Medical diagnosis or diagnoses

From short to long term solutions, every stage, over a period of six-nine months is discussed. Personalised nutrition is at the core of this.

Patient choice is a key component in the functional healthcare model and personalised nutrition adheres to this practice. Susannah will make recommendations, as they are safe, with an emphasis on you taking ownership of your health. Each care pathway and health journey is unique.

These can include the necessary investigations as above. Specifically and inconclusively, the following tests are available:

Food Intolerance Testing (120 food groups)
Gluten Tolerance Test (Coeliac)
Food Allergy Testing (200 food groups)
Thyroid Function Test (TSH)
Urine Thyroid Test (T3 & T4 hormone levels only)
Adrenal-Thyroid Profile
Adrenal Stress Test
Blood Glucose Measure
Cholesterol Measure
Blood Pressure & pulse checker (as standard)
Hair Mineral Testing
Anaemia Test
Hormone Tests to include for Menopause
Sperm Comet Test for Male Fertility
The Thyroid Profile (free T4, free T3, TSH, and TPO)
Comprehensive Hormone Balance Evaluation For Male & Female Fertility
DNA Weight Loss Testing
Stomach Acid Test
Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis

Safe, clinical, practical and effective.

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