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Naturopathic Nutrition

What makes Susannah nutrition expert? Knowing your full health journey doesn’t guarantee your healthcare investment. Understanding it doesn’t either.

It’s got to work for you. It’s got to be SIMPLE & PRACTICAL.
It’s applied functional healthcare, by choice. That means you choose to work with Susannah. We all need support. Susannah is Mayfair and Knightsbridge’s resident nutrition expert and functional naturopath.

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Health Journey

Susannah’s portfolio is premium. It’s not a money saver. It will make you money. Susannah’s premium portfolio optimises your energy levels, prevents chronic illness, will make you lose stubborn fat. It’s nutrition that you feel working. But you won’t know how. You’ll feel fitter and your performance at work and in your personal life, your skin, quality of life will improve.

Nutrition expert Mayfair

Nutrition expert Mayfair

Naturopathic nutrition is a specialty in the field of naturopathy. Susannah is a London Naturopath and Osteopath. You can find out more about how these two healthcare services compliment one another here.

  1. We are as unique as your DNA
  2. Our body will function optimally when we provide it with what it needs for balance
  3. Health is more than the absence of disease
  4. Our medical history & genetic makeup are a guide to how we’ll respond to nutrients
Functional Health

Functional Health


At your consultation with Susannah you will discuss your health concerns and goals. Your consultation time with Susannah is designed to gather data. It is refined to be relevant to optimising YOUR health. Functional nutrition means establishing the impact your nutrition and environment. We capitalise on patterns in your health at your follow-up appointment.

Susannah’s background in osteopathy is the secret to her success in finding the best treatment for you:

  1. Your Osteopath will have a broad base of training, that becomes specialised. This allows them to diagnose, manage and advise upon a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions.
  2. Your osteopath will understand you as their patient in the context of your lifestyle. Firstly, by taking a full case history, and then using a combination of skilled observation and palpation, mobility, nerve and muscle function tests by physical examination. This is done to feel how well the body is functioning.
    London Naturopath

    London Naturopath

  3. These all form an intrinsic part of developing a personalised treatment plan.
  4. Early intervention is key. Whether you are suffering from a long standing, chronic condition, a new problem or occasional discomfort or concern, preventative treatment is a worthwhile investment in your long term health.


Your Naturopathic Portfolio is functional nutrition. EAT DRINK TAKE MAKE. Safe. Clinical. Practical. Effective.

The Body Youth Code is at the heart of every treatment. It drives the 4 stages of your Naturopathic Portfolio.



Safe, clinical, practical and effective.

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