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treating acne
Treating Acne
Treating Acne The oil (sebum) in our skin is made by sebaceous glands that reside in our hair follicles. When cellular debris blocks pores, the sebum becomes trapped. Bacteria feed on sebum then multiply. The result is a comedone. Click here to find out more about acne treatment options for: Bacteria management – increase recovery rate and improve wound healing Acne Scarring – linked to collagen depletion in the area...Read more  ➜

6-ingredient smoothie
QUICK HEALTHY RECIPES Light, quick and wholesome recipes for you and the family. Healthy recipes below require no more than six ingredients. 6-ingredient healthy recipes: Watercress Soup with Cashew Cream Pea and Mint Soup Vanilla Swirl Smoothie Courgette and Pearl Barley Risotto WATERCRESS SOUP (WITH CASHEW CREAM) – 6-ingredient quick healthy recipes Serves two Ingredients spring onions  2, sliced  olive oil  watercress  140g bag parsley  ½ a bunch vegetable stock  400ml, hot lemon  1, zested...Read more  ➜

knee pain skateboarding
knee pain non surgical treatment
Knee Pain Knee pain can be complex and take time to resolve. An osteopath will work with you to understand the cause(s) of your knee problem. This is important as it impacts estimated recovery time, which you will discuss with your osteopath. Osteopathy For Knee Pain Depending on your age, fitness, knee pain diagnosis and how long you’ve had this and other musculoskeletal pain, Susannah discusses your care pathway...Read more  ➜

detox diet plan
Detox Diet Plan
Detox Diet Plan You ask, we listen to requests for a simple detox plan online . We’ve compiled top tips and ingredients to inspire. Starting each morning with two large glasses of pure water is a great start. Hydration is key to flush out toxins! Drinking room temperature water or matcha tea in the morning kickstarts our metabolism and helps our body perform at its best. Cinnamon improves the insulin secretion, stabilises the...Read more  ➜

detox recipes
healthy vitamix recipes
healthy vitamix recipes “How do I make a green smoothie and are green smoothies really that good for me?” These and other FAQs answered below. EASY GREEN SMOOTHIE RECIPE GREEN SMOOTHIE Servings: 1 serving INGREDIENTS 1 cup fresh baby spinach 3/4 cup coconut milk 1 cup frozen pineapple INSTRUCTIONS Add coconut milk and spinach to blender. Blend on high speed until completely smooth. Add frozen pineapple and blend again,...Read more  ➜

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