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Ski Season

Ski Season

 Ski season: Getting shipshape for ski season at London’s Bulgari Hotel

We’re off to Zurich, Montreux, Chamonix. We love ski season Austria, ski season France. Won’t you join us?

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Most recreational skiers/snowboarders admit they hit the slopes with too little preparation. This fact alone greatly increases risk of injury. Weak and tired muscles make ski injuries more likely. How can we prepare for ski season?
knightsbridge osteopath

knightsbridge osteopath

Most Common Ski Injuries

Knee injuries are the most common ski injury. Typically knee ACL tear. We see recurrent ankle sprain and hip or groin strain from injury second to this most commonly. Low back pain tends to creep in when muscles overworking to keep our bodies balanced, become fatigued.

Ski Preparation is key!

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It’s advisable to follow a dynamic posture strengthening programme for at least two months before ski season. Ski Preparation is key to having an amazing ski season.
Many ski injuries like knee injuries happen at the end of the day when tired. Knee injuries also include meniscal tears and bursitis.

Ski Season Austria

Weak and tired muscles make ski injuries more likely. So most office workers traveling non-stop for business will struggle with the sudden change of pace that skiing will do to the body.

Low back pain and knee pain can be related as we change the way we walk. Our bodies take time to “re-balance” — we can help speed this up for those who need to fly, work, ski some more.

When does ski season start?

Ski season Europe starts when you say it does. This is the reality. If it’s peak season climate wise, doesn’t mean your body is. If you want to make the most out of ski season then you’ve got to prepare for it. Or eat fondue. Up to you! The average ski holiday is man-handled by a rich and varied array of extremely hungover, under-qualified, disgruntled individuals. You’ll become one of them if you suffer the most common ski injury.

Skiing is awesome but accidents can and do happen so be prepared for the best ski season of your life.

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