Testimonials: “I’m very pleased to recommend Susannah Makram. I’ve worked with her both with patients requiring osteopathy and with patients requiring dietary advice. I have found her advice to be intelligent and practical and her guidance easy to follow and I have no hesitation in recommending her to my patients.”
Dr J M Outhwaite FRCP
Consultant physician in Orthopaedic Medicine

Testimonials: What a pleasure it is to work with Susannah and refer our patients to her. Her focus is to work with the best, because she is the best, therefore her patients get the best and you couldn’t wish for more when it comes to visiting an osteopath who stays at the top of her game. With impeccable organisation and networking skills, Susannah is a pleasure to work with and alongside.”
Catrinel Mazilu – Practice Development Manager to Marketing Director
All About Spines

Testimonials: “Susannah is a very smart and knowledgeable young woman, with an entrepreneurial flair. The passion for her practice is obvious and she provides a high level of teaching to her clients, that is often forgotten about or dismissed from many within the health sector.”
Tiffany Fryer – Dream Maker at MATRIX CONCIERGE



Testimonials: “I endorse Susannah’s skills as a Naturopath to anyone looking at seriously changing their life by nutrition for weight loss.”
Hassan Elamin – Sharjah Ruler’s Office, Chief Legal Advisor

Email from client: “We have followed your instructions and the Aneuploidy test went down from 60% to 14% which is a very good result. I feel fine and have lost weight…”– Mr. R (Dubai)

Testimonials: “I wanted to wait a day or so to see the results because as I left Susannah I felt so much better, I couldn’t believe she could make such an improvement in one session! And 3 days on the constant pain that was preventing me from sleeping has completely gone. So Susannah has worked miracles! There is still work to be done on my shoulder as it has been years of being in an odd position following a succession of injuries, but I plan to come back for more treatment.” Pandora Clifford 




“I have had 2 sessions over 2 days, and my neck and shoulders have opened up. She said I tend to absorb stress in the neck and shoulders , which I can change over time. I feel a big relief. Thank you Susannah, really.. I feel a difference in my posture and flexibility.” Tamara Al Gabbani 



“I would highly recommend Susannah Makram. Reoccurring pains preventing me from running, which I adore, are what brought me to her in the first place. Little did I know that 9 months later, thanks to Susannah’s osteopathy sessions, I would successfully complete my first marathon. Words cannot express my gratitude towards her. Her professionalism and dedication make it an absolute pleasure to work with her. Her holistic treatment – a mix of strengthening exercises for body balance, dynamic posture, cupping massage, trigger point therapy and techniques used in traditional osteopathy such as gentle mobilisation – led to significant improvements in my posture and, of course, in my running.” Charlotte Smith

“Susannah is genuine, hard working and very professional. I’ve been fighting acne for years. Finally one day, after going through so many painful cosmetic treatments… instead of covering my face with makeup every day, I decided that it’s gotta be some kind of test from the universe forcing me into a healthy lifestyle. I couldn’t have gotten more help from anyone else. I was not put on any medication because I wanted to build a lifestyle that I could maintain to naturally defeat acne. Susannah really put a lot of energy and thoughts into my meal plans. They were extremely customised. She checked on me quite often with warm greetings (: Getting a naturopath was probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It honestly saved me a lot of time and energy. Instead of researching on your own while the web pages tell lies after lies, having a reliable source just makes everything easier.” Sere Zhang


Testimonials Best Osteopath Europe

Testimonials Best Osteopath Europe

I wanted to tell you that the treatment worked… My HS hasn’t been back in over a month. I’m so happy, I can’t believe it!!! I wanted to let you know in case you have other patients with similar symptoms. Thank god I didn’t go on the antibiotics and decided to go see you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’m so happy.


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