Skincare Nutrition

Skin issues take time to cover up. But can we get rid of acne ; psoriasis ;  eczema ;  excessive dryness ; oiliness naturally?
Personalised skincare: management or maintenance targets skin problems; gives us knowledge and realistic expectations.

Skin gut connection

EXPERTS SAY GUT HEALTH IS skin health but what does that mean? How do we heal our gut?

Skin that’s hydrated, toned and blemish free. Younger looking skin. All natural. That’s what we all want.

What are the best and worst skincare and makeup products for your health? LET’S START THE CONVERSATION. 

Susannah is a London naturopath – nutrition expert – who’s seen it all. She’s an osteopath too!
When our skin looks dull and tired, it can really get us down. It doesn’t matter how much makeup we artfully apply. It takes time to make sure we cover blemishes and even then it’s like everyone’s looking at us — for the wrong reasons! Refreshed skin looks sexy. Like we’ve just had the best sleep ever.


When our skin is irritated, inflammation occurs. We’ve all got different triggers for this inflammation. For example, food triggers like gluten or dairy or sugar. Triggers like perfumes or chemicals on our skin or ingested as pesticides on our food or drugs we take when ill. But triggers don’t appear without a cause. We don’t suddenly become sick from cow’s milk for example.

dairy and skin

Dairy and skincare

Our lifestyle is the single biggest game changer when it comes to luxury skincare – at any age.   Tweet This

Nutrition for Healthy Skin

If your skin is rebelling by breaking out in acne it can affect aspects of our day-to-day lives. Facial wrinkles mean it’s time to stop overcomplicating, start simplifying.
Personalised nutrition for healthy skin sounds like a misnomer in the present but the future is more than staying hydrated . Are you serious about results like Susannah?

Let’s simple for YOU. Simple is the key to healthy looking skin that doesn’t need a lot of time to look after. It speaks for itself and it tells the world, “hello, I’m ready for you!”

Susannah’s Skincare Consultation and Treatment

Functional health and nutrition is unique because it actually works for you. Whether it’s gluten free or dairy free or a sugar free diet you think is recommended, it’s never going to easy. So we better make it the right one from the start and build on this foundation. Healthy skin that is strong and supple really takes years off your face and body. Not just that. It gives you that feel good factor. That glow you always wanted.

Nutrition for healthy skin


Susannah helps you understand the reasons why your skin behaves the way it does. We don’t want to know what’s not working for us. Chances are, we’ve already tried it. Tweaking our nutrition for healthy skin is a process but we’re 50% into our health journey when we make this discovery together. Let’s clear up acne. Is it really eczema? Eczema or psoriasis, what’s our psoriasis trigger? Are our dark under eye circles permanent? Can I slow down the signs of ageing? Why’s our skin so dry or oily?

Our skin is readily responsive to internal and external factors because it’s our body’s largest dynamic organ.     Tweet This

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