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Female fertility nutrition

The Four Phases #InTheFourPhases

HAVING FERTILITY treatment? Natural or assisted fertility treatment or even just THINKING of STARTING a FAMILY?
There’s a lot to consider during this time. Our lifestyle, what we’re eating, our age… these and our genes play a role in:
(i) pre-conceptual care
(ii) our fertility
(iii) healthy pregnancy
(i) healthy mother and baby

Fertility nutrition complements a healthy lifestyle. Your fertility journey isn’t the same as every other couple. Susannah sees mothers who want to add to their beautiful and healthy family. She sees couples who’ve been through fertility testing and fertility treatment. This includes Assisted Reproductive Technology ART -most commonly IVF. Susannah sees couples who place value on a holistic and natural approach. Balance within our bodies helps create the right environment to step into our life’s journey.

Being present in that health journey means offering functional and practical advice. Being relaxed is one of the things couples trying for a baby hear constantly. It’s also one of least helpful pregnancy tips!

Female fertility nutrition

Nutrition for fertility must address the whole body. When we understand what’s affecting our internal environment we can make day-to-day changes that, given time, can make a big difference. We’re with you, every step of the way, in the FOUR PHASES.

How we achieve relief from any symptoms you might have is part of your health journey. This affects our mood. It helps us to make decisions and it helps keep us communicating. How our body reacts – and underlying health concerns associated with difficulties  getting pregnant – can be manageable at last.
Our aims for fertility and nutrition are to improve chances of conception. We want to ensure a healthy and comfortable full-term pregnancy, delivery and aftercare for mother and baby.

Phase 1 – SAFE

Private Consultation

There are several fertility tests available for women. When you come for your consultation with Susannah she takes the time to explain what these fertility tests measure. More importantly, what these measurements mean in terms of your fertility at this stage in your life.

Your Fertility Profile depends on the past, to support the present and future outcomes.

Phase One is about saving precious time on the wrong tests, the wrong treatments. To avoid heartache we provide you with the information you need to know how your female fertility nutrition portfolio plays its role best in your fertility care pathway.

Phase 2 – CLINICAL

Phase Two of The Consultation establishes your current fertility profile. It’s the start of our personalised health journey.


Female fertility nutrition lays down the foundation to build a healthy lifestyle, a health pregnancy, a healthy baby and family. Pre pregnancy nutrition and pregnancy nutrition needs to be built on functional grounds. Then when modern life gets in the way we keep our balance. A fertility diet plan works when it’s personalised to you and your partner’s needs. The same 7 best foods to increase fertility are not the same for every body.

Our hormones are like our fingerprints. Imbalances are interpreted as they relate to our stage. That’s in terms of age and in terms of our cycle. Our fertility calendar will always be open to surprise or unexpected events. Our fertility calendar is only a guide but it’s a good reference point, as we mature. A fertility diet plan must consider our lifestyle for any fertility diet recipes to be easy to adapt.

Phase Four – EFFECTIVE

Phase Four sees you return to clinic at the next stage in your pregnancy or journey to pregnancy, or as a mother with a different health and nutritional needs to support your health and the health of your baby.

Ageing well is for every stage in your life, as you change and your body’s needs change. We are committed to supporting you by care, dedication and female fertility nutrition empowerment. Fertility foods for getting pregnant aren’t a straightforward list. We make it easy with the target of getting the best out of your fertility foods list.

Fertility And Nutrition

Fertility And Nutrition

Personalised female fertility nutrition is designed to make your life easier. Give you the time you need. Breathing space to focus on whatever decisions, body and lifestyle changes you see in your future.

Osteopaths are highly competent healthcare professionals, recognised by the NHS as fully qualified to diagnose and treat independently. Hands on osteopathy can help alleviate stresses and aches from body changes, at stages in pregnancy.
Personalised nutrition for pre conceptual care and care for a healthy pregnancy and beyond at Susannah Makram Clinics addresses your health story.  It’s our guide to understanding the strengths and capabilities of our bodies. Making lifestyle changes is challenging in modern times.

Safe, clinical, practical and effective.

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