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Background – Ageing Well With Susannah

Functional Health

Many of us feel frustrated with the outcomes of our healthcare journey. Investigations and treatment can leave us right back where we started. “Unexplained” makes us feel that there’s no hope.

Hormone imbalance

Hormone imbalance – osteopathy – naturopathy


Reaching a diagnosis is the most powerful springboard to health.

How can you fix chronic pain?

Susannah understands back pain. She is a leader in the functional health movement. The core of Susannah’s work is centred on osteopathy and functional nutrition.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN EXACTLY? Susannah is a London naturopath, a London osteopath with special interests in nutrition.

Susannah is the founder of The Functional Healthcare Group.

Susannah is on the advisory board of PopUp Health hubs and she is author of The Body Youth Code.

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Susannah the London Naturopath and Osteopath would be touring, treating and playing tennis on the ATP and WTP tour. If London didn’t beckon. Susannah Makram Clinics is and international travel destination. We’re the functional nutrition and functional osteopathy destination @ 2 Harley Street – Chelsea – Knightsbridge.

Functional health

Functional health

See health journey testimonials here. Hear Susannah talk about team work at the Princess Grace Hospital outpatient clinic with the director of Pop Up Health Hubs.

At Susannah Makram Clinics we begin. Osteopathy for back and neck pain is on site. Personalised nutrition begins with PHASE ONE. We’re going to change our lives today and we’re going to do it in the real world, just as it is. This means in the City. This means you do’t have to think about it. We convert the complex into the simple, the science into the practical.

Functional osteopathy and nutrition optimise health. Why can’t we lose stubborn fat? Unexplained infertility is heartbreaking. What can we do to help? Fatigue is not a way of life. Why don’t our modern day skin conditions ever go away completely?


If you do not feel a difference, how can you expect to continue? This is why PHASE ONE is so important.

Functional healthcare is a choice and we personalise The Body Youth Code in 4 phases for you.

Your symptoms might include: stubborn fat or weight gain, unexplained male and female infertility, chronic fatigue, pain, hair loss or thinning and skin conditions such as premature signs of ageing, lesions, acne, itching etc.    

Susannah is registered with the General Osteopathic Council and she is Founder of the Functional Healthcare Group.

The Body Youth Code is a four step health journey.

Having received her undergraduate and clinical training at The University of Westminster and gaining a First Class Honours Degree, at the prestigious British College of Osteopathic Medicine, BCOM, Susannah developed her interest in preventative and ageing medicine.

The Body Youth Code might be complemented with other therapies. These are administered by specialists with the highest training and qualifications as appropriate. When suitable to you, Susannah discusses treatment options.

At the RNOH, the Princess Grace Hospital and the Wellington Hospital Platinum Centre, Susannah carries out clinical and surgical observation. Data collection investigating variations on patented spinal surgery techniques if a keen interest. Susannah visits the world-renowned institute of neurology and neurosurgery at Queen Square. This for allied clinical teaching and training. Susannah attends a series of lectures to assist in carrying out further studies. These go toward her chosen subject areas of gerontology and pain medicine. What are Susannah’s colleagues saying about her?

Why did you choose the area of naturopathic nutrition?

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Why complex cases?

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What is the connection between gut health and ageing, or the big four – weight loss, hair and skincare and fatigue – that you see to, specifically?

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Who or what inspires you?

My best teachers are a constant source of inspiration. I am not a medical doctor. Nor have I ever claimed to be. The word doctor originates as an agentive noun of the Latin verb docēre ‘to teach’. It is a privilege to be working with some of the best teachers and medical doctors as a team. That is the definition of integrative care.

Without giving any secrets away, how would you describe your treatment philosophy?

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What will stop a client from getting treatment results?

Compliance. To avoid this from the start, I break The Body Youth Code down into its bare 4 phase model. This becomes a mold. It fits into the client’s lifestyle comfortably.

Susannah Says:

For any treatment to work it needs to be as practical as possible  for your day to day use.

If a specialist cannot explain to child what is wrong, how can they explain this to you? If you do not know, how will you take ownership of your health for ageing well?

Luckily, I speak Arabic fluently. Language is one way to communicate. Listening to you is how I get to help you best.


Safe, clinical, practical and effective.

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