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Signs Your Child Has Allergies
Signs your child has allergies Susannah Answers readers questions about their children’s environmental allergies in the June Summer 2015 Issue of Smallish Magazine. A lots of parents worry about children’s food allergies but sometimes environmental allergies can require attention as well. It can be difficult to know when you child is most susceptible. What signs should you look out for in children who are susceptible to allergies? What are...Read more  ➜

How to manage your temper at work
Aggressive behaviour can have a detrimental impact on your employees – so if you’re a manager who struggles to control your anger, what can you do when your temper flares in the office? Georgina Fuller finds out. Manager skills required? Most of us are probably guilty of losing our temper from time to time especially when we are stressed or tired but… What if you are a manager and...Read more  ➜

Pregnancy tips
Pregnancy Tips We’re all trying to keep our bodies fit and toned. We all want a good sex life. Sometimes the best we can hope for is a sex drive. However, there comes a time when we start to think about the possibility of starting a family. Starting a family or adding to our small family. We might only be thinking about it but the thoughts are inevitable.  ...Read more  ➜

fertility nutrition
Getting Pregnant – Facts For NOW
Diet for pregnancy With 1 IN 6 Couples currently experiencing difficulty getting pregnant, Get The Gloss caught up with their Expert in Naturopathic Nutrition and osteopathy. SUSANNAH MAKRAM covers the facts we should all know before embarking on the road to fertility. Infertility is a rising problem. According to recent statistics, ‘one in six couples has problems starting a family, with the number of couples seeking medical help having risen dramatically.’...Read more  ➜

Tightening up the Kardashian way
WAIST SHAPER – WITH EVERYONE FROM KIM KARDASHIAN TO JESSICA ALBA TIGHTENING UP, WE SEPARATE FACT FROM FICTION WITH THE HELP OF GTG EXPERT SUSANNAH MAKRAM – Tightening up the Kardashian way WHAT EXACTLY DOES A WAIST SHAPER DO? Read on to find out. Khloe Kardashian’s dramatic before and after picture illustrating her impressive weight loss was not the only thing we noticed on her Instagram account last week. Posing...Read more  ➜

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