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5 Ways to Optimise Our Immune System
1. Boost your beneficial bacteria 70-80% of our body’s immune system is in the gut… Boosting beneficial gut bacteria or improving gut health prevents luminal colonisation by pathogenic microorganisms. This can assist with improving low immunity symptoms. For a specific concern you need to get the right blend of bacteria cultures. This balance is hard to find in today’s world. Natural probiotics We can find probiotics in fermented soya products such as miso and...Read more  ➜

low back pain exercises
Low Back Pain Exercises
Low Back Pain Exercises Low back pain is common worldwide, with 60–80% of people affected at some time in their lives. (1-3) It has a major impact on health and health-related quality of life, diminishing the capacity for standing, walking and sitting. (4,5)  Research shows pelvic floor exercises in combination with routine treatment provide significant benefits in terms of pain relief and disability over routine treatment alone. Pelvic Floor Exercises Back Pain The pelvic...Read more  ➜

Ozonated Coconut Oil
Luxury Skincare
Luxury Skincare Ozonated organic coconut oil is coconut oil infused with activated oxygen. Ozonating the oil creates the luxurious consistency that absorbs into the skin easily. This luxury skincare product is perfect for our cupping massage facials. Find out more about our non-toxic skin care product recommendations. Ozonated coconut oil is made by bubbling a pure, highly concentrared ozone into organic coconut oil. We used cold press coconut oil...Read more  ➜

Ski preparation
Ski preparation
Ski injury prevention tips Most recreational skiers/snowboarders admit they hit the slopes with too little preparation. This fact alone greatly increases risk of injury. Weak and tired muscles make ski injuries more likely.   Functional nutrition and lifestyle advice can make your ski season even better. How? Nutrition and tissue repair can be enormously helpful towards sports injury recovery. Ski preparation Try to follow a dynamic posture strengthening programme for at least two...Read more  ➜

Retox Detox
Retox Detox Your Jet set Lifestyle
Retox Detox. Reset your jet set lifestyle. We got you. Whether is simple yet creative healthy recipes you’re after or the the real deal full-on: personalised nutrition makes us healthy in modern times. Retox Detox SAFE. In your EAT DRINK TAKE MAKE you take ownership of your health. Recognise a treat from an every day food. CLINICAL applications of cold press juice for health vary from individual to individual. Lots of people with a really inflamed...Read more  ➜

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