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salt bath for health
Magnesium Salt Baths For Health
Magnesium Salt Baths For Health Most of us also have too much calcium in our bodies, relative to our magnesium levels. This is mainly from fortified foods and imbalanced soils. Magnesium is essential to nearly 300 biochemical reactions in our body. Most people are deficient in Magnesium… in fact, you probably are too.  We’re eating food cultivated from soils depleted of minerals like magnesium. Conventional fertilisers use nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus and...Read more  ➜

treating acne
How to treat acne
How to treat acne How to treat acne is by finding the cause(s). Read on for the list, how to test, treat, get results. Also, we cover how to know if it’s acne or something else right here. Oil (sebum) in our skin is made by sebaceous glands that reside in our hair follicles. When cellular debris blocks pores, the sebum becomes trapped. Bacteria feed on sebum then multiply....Read more  ➜

6-ingredient smoothie
how to eat healthy
How to eat healthy Fast, tasty, 6 ingredient recipes show how to eat healthy. So here they are. Most are two serving recipes that don’t require much food prep or make a mess in the kitchen. You do need a good blender for most. Check them out and let me know what you think.  6-ingredient healthy recipes: Light, nutrient dense, comforting, wholesome recipes for you and the family. Easy...Read more  ➜

knee pain skateboarding
knee pain non surgical treatment
Knee Pain Knee pain can be complex and take time to resolve. An osteopath will work with you to understand the cause(s) of your knee problem. This is important as it impacts estimated recovery time, which you will discuss with your osteopath. Osteopathy For Knee Pain Depending on your age, fitness, knee pain diagnosis and how long you’ve had this and other musculoskeletal pain, Susannah discusses your care pathway...Read more  ➜

detox diet plan
Detox Diet Plan
Detox Diet Plan You ask, we listen to requests for a simple detox plan online . We’ve compiled top tips and ingredients to inspire. Starting each morning with two large glasses of pure water is a great start. Hydration is key to flush out toxins! Drinking room temperature water or matcha tea in the morning kickstarts our metabolism and helps our body perform at its best. Cinnamon improves the insulin secretion, stabilises the...Read more  ➜

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