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Conde nast review osteopathy
Knightsbridge Osteopath
Knightsbridge Osteopath How to fix pain with osteopathy sessions immediately, safely and without can help with exactly? Susannah’s based in Knightsbridge helping 30-50 clients weekly with her over ten years experience, to manage pain safely and optimise movement. This improves static and dynamic posture by delivering safe, effective treatment for back pain relief. How to fix pain Does your London osteopath offer osteopathy aftercare?  You may find osteopaths online as based in the...Read more  ➜

Telegraph Luxury
Ski Season
Ski Season  Ski season: Getting shipshape for ski season at London’s Bulgari Hotel We’re off to Zurich, Montreux, Chamonix. We love ski season Austria, ski season France. Won’t you join us? “… Though I had had a challenging time with my back 2 months prior to the trip, I suffered no pain on that occasion.”   via The Telegraph Telegraph Ski and Snowboard Telegraph Travel Most recreational skiers/snowboarders admit they hit the slopes...Read more  ➜

knightsbridge osteopath
SILVERSPOON LONDON SPA REVIEW Angie Silverspoon came to visit Susannah Makram osteopath specialist @ the BVLGARI SPA LONDON. Susannah introduced Angie to the spectrum of osteopathy treatments at the BVLGARI HOTEL SPA – conveniently located in the heart of Knightsbridge, by Harrods and Harvey Nichols. SILVERSPOON LONDON – OSTEOPATHY REVIEW Angie Silver is the curator of SilverSpoon London – her luxury lifestyle, food and travel blog. Follow Angie on her...Read more  ➜

Cure your instagram addiction
Cure Your Instagram Addiction
Is instagram bad for our health? Welcome to the Instagram generation. As an osteopath I’ve only seen teenagers in my clinic in the last 3 years of my 10 years in practice. But we’re an instagram generation now. All day we scroll. Is instagram really bad for out health though? Students on instagram If you’re an International student in London you might have sudden back pain. Why? Can low back...Read more  ➜

Hormone imbalance
Instagram review osteopathy
instagram @susannahamakram @tamaraalgabbani# Tamara Al Gabbani SM Susannah Makram لمراجعة والعلاج الطبيعي الحديث عن آلام الظهر وأكثر من ذلك…See More Follow #instagram #susannahamakram #tamaraalgabbani Tamara Al Gabbani SM Susannah Makram Ask about back pain and much more.#follow #london #knightsbridge #osteopathy #backpain #health Instagram We reach out and answer questions about osteopathy and cupping massage. We exclusively offer aesthetic osteopathy in Knightsbridge and Chelsea — find out more. Instagram Review Osteopathy...Read more  ➜

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