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Laboratory Testing

Functional Laboratory Testing

Here’s how to find out why you’re bloated and tired after eating healthy food. Why you’re gaining weight in spite of exercising five times a week? We offer functional laboratory testing at our London Clinics to support health optimisation. That means checking hormones for hormone imbalance as well as a full comprehensive report to support your health journey and fix issues like SIBO.

How to test for hormone imbalance

Functional laboratory testing —  WHAT CAN THIS HELP ME WITH? 

Functional Laboratory London

Functional Laboratory London

For hormone testing immunological testing and food intolerances, chemical sensitivity, methylation testing, gut health testing, we help tailor your health goals.

Functional Laboratory London

Ask us about testing. Our packages are confirmed by health assessment and consultation. We’ve personalised procedures to help meet our client’s health goals. 

We’ve unwavering commitment to scientific integrity, innovation so the best for the client is upheld.

Our ethos is echoed throughout laboratories we work with worldwide. These services investigate for health – not only to confirm disease.
London naturopath, osteopath Susannah
is founder of the functional healthcare group.

We choose tests based on their accuracy and value. Our knowledge helps guide you to make choices concerning your health. It’s your health journey.

Functional laboratory testing

How to test for leaky gut

What’s so great about functional laboratory testing?

Susannah answers every enquiry. Schedule a call time. Find answers to this and other FAQs here.

Delivering services of functional health at Susannah Makram Clinics that are:
Safe. Clinical. Practical. Effective.
Delivering the highest quality laboratory evaluations enhances care pathway selection. Change is difficult. So what can we do about it? Get it right and keep it simple.
We’re passionate about healthcare centred on optimal wellbeing. 

Turn Around Time

5-10 days

Sample Collection

Salivary swab test or
Saliva sample or samples collected over time or
Referral to nearby phlebotomy services for serum blood analysis (see NOTE below) or
Urine sample or
Stool sample

NOTE:  You may require one or more comprehensive functional tests. Routine blood chemistry testing can be an essential part of a functional healthcare workup. We don’t offer a phlebotomy service. We arrange for a blood draw and centrifugation service on Harley Street, in Central London. Also, just outside of London. As a client of Susannah Makram Clinics we help you to make the safe service as comfortable and efficient as possible.


These tests include:

Specific Dietary Tests as Indicated
Food Intolerance Testing – 50 Food Groups
Food Intolerance Testing – 100 Food Groups
Food Intolerance Testing – 150 Plus Food Groups
Gluten Tolerance Test (Coeliac)

Allergy Testing 
Non-Specific Allergy Response Testing
Testing For Specific Inhaled Allergens (12 Allergens)
Food Allergy Testing (200 food groups)

Women’s Ageing Well & Fertility Profile
General profile- FBC, UEs LFTs Glc lipid profile
Endocrine – Thyroid profile, Pituitary function- LH, FSH, prolactin
Ovarian- Oestradiol, progesterone (timed)
Others as needed based on results obtained

Special Tailored Testing

Functional Tests

Adrenal-Thyroid Profile
Adrenal Stress Test – Cortisol & DHEA as measured throughout the day
Thyroid Function Test (TSH)
The Thyroid Profile (free T4, free T3, TSH, and TPO)
Hair Mineral Testing
Anaemia Test
Hormone Tests to include for Menopause
Organix Dysbiosis Test or Urine Organic Acid Test
Vitamin D Vitamin Profile

Metabolic Typing

Special Genetic Testing
DNA Weight Loss Testing
DNA Health
Functional CardioVascular Testing 
CardioMetabolic Health Profile
Liposcan (HDL & LDL Subfractions)
Oxidised LDL

Nutritional Testing (for Ageing)
Vitamin D Vitamin Profile
Amino Acids Status
Fatty Acid Profile
Organix Comprehensive

Functional Intestinal Health Testing (for ageing)

Men’s MOT & Preventative Health
Comprehensive Hormone Balance Evaluation For Male Fertility
Sperm Comet Test for Male Fertility

Gold Standard Consultation Health Tests
Blood Glucose Measure
Cholesterol Measure
Blood Pressure & pulse checker (as standard)
Orthopaedic Nerve (inc sensory) and Muscle Function Tests
Salivary pH measure
Capillary Refill test

 Investigations As Indicated 

Laboratory studies:
Comprehensive functional test panel
[Can compare to standard blood work carried out – enquire further here]
Autoantibody testing
Serum electrophoresis
Radial immunodiffusion methods
Immunoturbidimetric methods
Assessment of antibody response
Assessment of T and B lymphocytes by flow cytometry
In vivo measures of T-cell function by assessing localised immunological skin responses
Other measures of T-cell activity
2-Hour Insulin Glucose Challenge Test

Liver Function Test
Kidney – Creatinine & GFR

Other tests such as percussion might be included based on priorities regarding your health and specific concerns presented at time of consultation.

Functional laboratory testing

Functional laboratory testing

There’s the option to request a joint consultation with our private GP. Women’s Ageing Well & Women’s Fertility Profile test is available.
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Change is difficult. So what can we do about it? Get it right and keep it simple. Our private consultation assesses whether Sperm DNA fragmentation testing is going to provide a more insightful guide towards your fertility journey. What will you do with the results? Keep it simple. Once referred you are free to take your time to follow up on:

(i) How to reverse sperm DNA damage
(ii) Enquire how long this takes
(iii) Re test after if preferable
(iv) Optimise health for you and your family

Lewis Fertility Testing takes care of our SpermComet Test, without delay, by a time of request by Susannah Makram Clinics. 


The place of sperm DNA fragmentation testing in current day fertility management
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Sperm DNA fragmentation testing: To do or not to do?
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Safe, clinical, practical and effective.

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