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Back Pain & Neck Pain

How to fix back pain

Here’s how to fix back pain safely from musculoskeletal causes. Relieving mid back pain symptoms effectively for long term results is vital for improving performance at work. BACK PAIN is the most common reason employees take sick leave. 30,000++ in the UK see their osteopathLow back pain isn’t normal. It’s not something we just have to live with. Common causes of back pain can also leave us tired all the time.

An estimated THREE MILLION are taking long-term sick leave or say they are unable to work due to back pain according to research from Nuffield Health.

“I am very pleased to recommend Susannah Makram. I have worked with her both with patients requiring osteopathy and with patients requiring dietary advice. I have found her advice to be intelligent and practical and her guidance easy to follow and I have no hesitation in recommending her to my patients.”
Dr J M Outhwaite FRCP
Consultant physician in Orthopaedic Medicine

How to fix neck pain

Back Pain & Neck Pain

One in three of us will suffer from low back pain, at some point in our lifetime.

What’s the difference between physiotherapy; osteopathy; chiropractic? Low back pain — back pain isn’t normal.
Neck pain and other musculoskeletal aches and pains – like knee pain – may be managed better, for longterm results, with making change to movement patterns.

Posture and Back Pain

 Our posture is not just how we sit, not just how we stand — it’s how our body moves. 
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Contact us and find out about osteopathy in Chelsea and Knightsbridge. The best osteopath will discuss care and management, available treatment options for your back pain, so you know what to expect. 


For safe pain management and for sport’s injuries e.g. skiing injuries, knee pain, ankle sprains. Our osteopath will guide you through the referral process as they see it’s safe to do so. WHAT WILL YOU EXPECT AT YOUR FIRST VISIT? 

Why is our low back pain recurring? How can your trusted international healthcare provider help? Your registered Knightsbridge osteopath and Chelsea osteopath helps prevent upper back painneck pain. Ask us today.

Can we prevent low back pain?

Your Osteopath will diagnose and treat musculoskeletal problems. The problems are related to altered mechanics, function and posture. Osteopathy is a hands on physical therapy. Osteopaths diagnose and treat musculoskeletal problems. Osteopathy is a physical therapy.

Osteopathy is a system of diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of conditions, including back pain.
Osteopathy for back pain works using the study of functional anatomy, physiology and pathology.


Susannah provides hands on treatment for back pain and neck pain. First, she hears the story of your condition. A physical exam includes postural assessment. It also include physical assessment of nerve and muscle function testing.
If you have a pinched nerve in lower back pain you’ve got got to see a specialist who can also offer safe advice for back pain exercises.
Susannah then explains the structures most likely causing your back pain. If it’s not safe to provide hand-on osteopathy, Susannah will make sure you are referred accordingly. Read 6 Reasons why you might see an osteopath. 

What’s the best knee pain relief? Is muscle ache or joint stiffness is stopping you doing sport you love? Get clued up about hip pain and shoulder pain prevention, management and more.

We take into account your medical history, lifestyle, individual circumstances. This may include help with posture issues caused by pregnancy, work or driving, for example.
In most cases, osteopathic treatment can commence on your first visit.

Back pain

Back pain

“It is not possible to solve a problem with the same consciousness that produced it.” – Albert Einstein


Safe. Clinical. Practical. Effective.

Investigations Susannah might recommend include X-rays or an MRI scan. Susannah provides effective treatment for all musculoskeletal problems to relieve pain and regain mobility.

Treatment for back pain and Neck Pain

Osteopathy for Back Pain:

Low back pain
Mid back pain
Non-Specific pelvic pain
Pain After Back Surgery

Osteopathy for Neck Pain:

Neck pain after surgery
Whiplash injury
Neck pain with headaches
Neck pain with numbness or tingling in the arms & hands

Once we’re on the safe care pathway, we’ll help you take ownership of your health.

London Osteopath

London Osteopath

Osteopathy for back pain and Neck Pain


Find ways to take ownership of your health today.

Susannah attends MDT meeting and works with the consultant spinal orthopaedic surgeons at Princess Grace Hospital, 30 Devonshire Street. Susannah empowers her clients to achieve their highest expression of health.

 In The Four Phases addresses the underlying causes of disease. It’s a safe, simple step by step guide for you on your health journey.

UK Health Centre
Osteopathy in Knightsbridge is a recognised form of low back pain management. Our London clinics are all a stone’s throw from major travel terminals.

 In The Four Phases addresses the underlying causes of disease. It is simple step by step model to guide you on your health journey.

Safe, clinical, practical and effective.

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