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Ski preparation

Most recreational skiers/snowboarders admit they hit the slopes with too little preparation. This fact alone greatly increases risk of injury. Weak and tired muscles make ski injuries more likely.

Ski Verbier

Ski Preparation


Functional nutrition and lifestyle advice can make your ski season even better. How? Nutrition and tissue repair can be enormously helpful towards sports injury recovery.

    • Try to follow a dynamic posture strengthening programme for at least two months before ski season. Ski Preparation is key. We’re optimising musculoskeletal balance of our bodies in motion. 
    • Poorly functioning or improperly adjusted equipment is a frequent cause of injuries. Make sure you have the best equipment for your body and ski requirements.
    • Improve technique with lessons. Equipment and technique evolve quite fast.. even experienced skiers can benefit from a refresher.
why see an osteopath

why see an osteopath

    • Select ski runs carefully.
    • Many ski injuries happen at the end of the day when tired.
    • Take the lift down at the end of the day!
snowboarding injury

Ski Preparation

Ski fit tips

    • Remember that even mild levels of dehydration can affect physical ability and endurance. Alcohol at lunchtime will slows reaction.
    • Wear appropriate protective gear.

Most Common Ski Injuries

Knee injuries are the most common ski injury. Typically ACL tear. We see recurrent ankle sprain and hip or groin sprain second to this most commonly. Low back pain tends to creep in when compensatory muscle groups are fatigued.

Ski Preparation is key!

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