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Best hydrating drink
Best hydrating drink Resident Nutrition expert Susannah caught up with Women’s Health Mag to talk hydration. FAQ: How many litres of water should I drink a day? The model answer considers our daily physical activity and our health status. How much water we need is different depending, therefore, on our lifestyle. Our Mayfair and Knightsbridge, London lifestyle is on-the-go. Find your tailored Eat DRINK Take Make plan according to YOUR lifestyle. The...Read more  ➜

beauty arabia
Sleep and Skin
Sleeping Beauty BBeauty Arabia is the go-to for on trend beauty tips. Secrets to beauty that last long after the makeup has come off – check it out! Susannah sat down with the team to spill natural skincare secrets. Does our skin suffer when we lose snooze time? What’s happening to our skin when we sleep? Does the real life, modern sleeping beauty exist? Clear skin overnight Acne and blemishes can...Read more  ➜

For Healthy Hair
Hair Salon Susannah sat with STYLENEST to bring us top tips for healthy hair. We all want that ‘just stepped out of the hair salon’ look. We want it 7 days a week. The Sophia Loren blow dry. Katy Perry hairstyles. Nancy Ajram –we want healthy, shiny hair no matter the weather. At destination men’s grooming salon and spa at The Refinery, Mayfair & Knightsbridge Susannah consults. For Healthy Hair For...Read more  ➜

Signs Your Child Has Allergies
Signs your child has allergies Susannah Answers readers questions about their children’s environmental allergies in the June Summer 2015 Issue of Smallish Magazine. A lots of parents worry about children’s food allergies but sometimes environmental allergies can require attention as well. It can be difficult to know when you child is most susceptible. What signs should you look out for in children who are susceptible to allergies? What are...Read more  ➜

How to manage your temper at work
Aggressive behaviour can have a detrimental impact on your employees – so if you’re a manager who struggles to control your anger, what can you do when your temper flares in the office? Georgina Fuller finds out. Manager skills required? Most of us are probably guilty of losing our temper from time to time especially when we are stressed or tired but… What if you are a manager and...Read more  ➜

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