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Functional Health

Functional Health and total body wellness

Knightsbridge Chelsea Osteopath and Naturopath – Founder of The Functional Healthcare Group – Susannah in her own words:
“I typically work with company directors and families needing safe and immediate care: treatment for back pain and chronic health concerns. We meet goals using practical nutrition advice. You feel energised in the face of modern lifestyle demands.”

What’s the real story?

“I am very pleased to recommend Susannah Makram. I have worked with her both with patients requiring osteopathy and with patients requiring dietary advice. I have found her advice to be intelligent and practical and her guidance easy to follow and I have no hesitation in recommending her to my patients.”
Dr J M Outhwaite FRCP
Consultant physician in Orthopaedic Medicine

Lifestyle nutrition

Practical solutions for the modern man, woman and families travelling to and from London. 

WHO WHAT WHERE – Knightsbridge osteopathy, naturopathy in Knightsbridge, worldwide – naturopath London – to those with musculoskeletal pain, sprains, strains. Want to know why nutrition is a factor? Skin issues recurring, stubborn belly fat, tired all the time?
Back pain is never normal.

Lifestyle nutrition Dubai is already a movement which lifestyle nutrition menus and lifestyle nutrition Abu Dhabi. Functional lifestyle nurition in London is designed to fit into our lifestyle.

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Back pain or neck pain will affect at least HALF OF US of us and this statistic is rising.

Back pain statistics

Back pain statistics

Why are we feeling unwell often or suddenly have unexplained tiredness or weakness? Functional osteopathy and naturopathy is a health journey. It’s safe and practical for you and your family’s total body wellness.

Are you gaining weight unexpectedly or is your skin breaking out or looking puffy, is skin flaking a problem or are you developing itchy rashes although you haven’t identified any allergies?

WHO WHAT WHERE What’s happening to your body? Let’s understand this together. You can have inflammation without pain, but no pain without inflammation. 

TREATMENT Nutritional therapy. Physical therapy. Immediate referral for conservative management. Advice.

WHO WHAT WHERE – NOW WHAT? Ask about your health journey with Susannah.

Your treatment is always Safe. Clinical. Practical. Effective.

You will come your consultation by appointment with Susannah to discuss your concerns and what you would like to achieve from your treatment.

A system’s review:

If you are not sure about treatment you may contact us with your enquiry.

Expect: Medical history taking, health check, physical examination and explanation of findings through.



When necessary, you may be referred for the following investigations to check for:

– Imbalances in specific hormone levels
– Allergies, intolerances, food sensitivities
– Vitamin and mineral deficiencies
– Genetic & molecular cell health via DNA analysis for weight loss & male fertility

A wide range of functional laboratory tests are available Find out more  ➜

The Body Youth Code captures what is best about osteopathy and naturopathy.


The Body Youth Code – TBYC – 4 Stage Method

Safe. Clinical. Practical. Effective – SUBSCRIBE to Susannah Makram TV for our unique video mini series!

The Body Youth Code finds what’s internally and externally influencing your health. When the body is not functioning optimally there is an imbalance. Functional healthcare practices – like osteopathy and naturopathy – look at WHY. We aim to treat WHY you have pain or WHY you are unwell or simply unable to lose weight. WHO WHAT WHERE – this is the only way we help you achieve the results you haven’t been able to before.

The Body Youth Code captures what is best about osteopathy and naturopathy. WHO WHAT WHERE. We’re consistently and persistently pushing boundaries of functional care. This delivers a healthcare service that seeks to improve your quality of extended life.

It’s also the at the heart of every treatment. It drives the 4 stages of your Naturopathic Portfolio.

Safe, clinical, practical and effective.

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