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Here’s how to burn fat, understand the between Keto and Atkins diets, stop wasting time at the gym. How to burn fat is a science that works by putting it into practice for your lifestyle. Our genes play a role along with medical history, current health. For fat burning, healthy weight loss results with support that ensures long-term success, here’s weight loss transformation. 

Best Diets 2019

KETO and DASH diets voted best in 2018. The 5:2 DIET, Paleo or sugar free diets aren’t for everyone. Going to the gym three times a week while still not reaching healthy weight loss goals is frustrating. 
Tried the Alkaline diet? Has the Slimming World diet helped or now Juicing?

Confused about low calorie or low carb diets, which works best? Which one is it?? How important is weight management important for health?Specifically stubborn belly fat? If WE KNEW would we find out how?

WEIGHT LOSS = proof one size does NOT FIT ALL. Sound complex? IT’S NOT – HERE’S HOW…
Dr J M Outhwaite FRCP
“I am very pleased to recommend Susannah Makram. I have worked with her both with patients requiring osteopathy and with patients requiring dietary advice. I have found her advice to be intelligent and practical and her guidance easy to follow and I have no hesitation in recommending her to my patients.”

Belly fat is a different kind of fat. Fat burning that targets stubborn fat is a science. We make it practical. Do you want to improve energy levels and reduce risk of illness ? Of course you do.

Weight Loss

after weight loss

Going gluten free may not be right for us. It’s a change and change is difficult. At Susannah Makram Clinics we believe it’s up to support you in making the RIGHT CHANGE. If we don’t invest in our health and wellbeing, it catches up with us.

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Recent studies have shown an association between uncontrollable stress and abdominal fat distribution. Central obesity or belly fat may be deadlier than obesity alone according to researchers at the Mayo Clinic.

When you book your appointment for a weight loss consultation with Susannah it’s likely that you – like Dr John Outhwaite – will have:

  • Tried several methods to lose weight such as using weight loss supplements, bariatric surgery, liposuction, strict calorie or food group restricting diets, eating only natural whole foods, following a cleanse or detox package
  • Stubborn fat in areas in spite of losing weight 
  • Stubborn areas of weight gain that have become difficult to shift, with time
  • Found that the full proof methods of the past are not cutting it anymore e.g. regular exercise and calorie restriction or whatever used to work for you
Healthy Lunch London City

Healthy Lunch London City



Fat burning is an exact science. Making it work for you is not.

Metabolism is a natural process and your body has many mechanisms that regulate it to meet your individual needs.
STOP trying START doing.

Our genes or significant heritable genetic components influence our weight. How? By predicting the way calories are used by you and your basal metabolic rate. Your Set Point is a range that seems to be influenced by your genetic makeup. Your Set Point is predetermined by your body or genetic make up. But your actual weight within that range is influenced by your lifestyle or environment.
SO your set point ADJUSTS to a NEW LEVEL when it is maintained over time. You can change. You can lose wight. 

Body Signals: Hunger, Appetite and Satiety are determined by your genes and are influenced by our environment, over time.

Susannah recognises that weight loss is and weight related concerns are complicated. Ageing plays a role too. As we age, we lose muscle — especially if we’re not physically active. It can be more challenging to maintain a healthy weight: loss of muscle mass decreases the rate at which your body uses calories.

However, Susannah takes this complex story, this information and KISS – Keeps It Seriously Simple. Your Weight Loss Portfolio is safe, practical, clinical and effective.

Weight loss

Weight loss

At your consultation you get far more than a comprehensive health check.

Further investigations can be made, if necessary, which will be sent to the laboratory for accurate testing.


At your follow-up appointment you receive your tailored portfolio.

We NEED TO KNOW the (health and any other) factors hindering our weight loss today, otherwise we fail to help, to find our unique lifestyle  solution.
This will affect our health and the health of future generations — HOW? Let’s find out. Let’s start this conversation.


On your health journey already? You can always book in for an “MOT” once in a while – like Julius. He made sure his results stayed optimal. Request a call back — What is nutritional advice exactly? Tell Susannah your healthy weight loss goals.

Stubborn fat or sudden weight gain can come about with age or can be related to unexplained changes in appetite, due to stress or other external factors. Find out more here

Live life to the fullest. Health investments guarantee a return. Making for a sweeter retirement. As it should be. 

Safe, clinical, practical and effective.

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