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Nutrition for skin

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Nutrition for skin

Healthy glowing skin is what we all want. It makes us comfortable no matter what. It gives us that confidence every time we step out. We ooze sex appeal. We all know that one person whose skin glows with no filters.

If we don’t feel comfortable in our own skin, we end up spending too much of our precious time hiding or concealing our skin issues.

  1. If you want to heal your skin, first and foremost, you have to heal your gut.
  2. Hormonal balance – The Body Youth Code talks about this balancing act.
  3. Genetics are primer essential to use in the building blocks of healthy skin foundation.
  4. Advanced Glycation End Products and oxidative stress are easy to zap after 1,2,3.

Nutrition for skin or personalised nutrition for healthy skin is all about the tweaks here and there that make your diet unique. There are several mechanisms that enable The Body Youth Code to turn on your body’s amazing ability to break down and assimilate nutrients. When Susannah carefully selects these for you in a way that doesn’t overcomplicate your lifestyle, you feel empowered. This is when our nutrition for skin can actually reverse signs of ageing or target specific conditions such as acne, psoriasis eczema etc.

Our skin is a dynamic, continuously self renewing organ. Our skin is the largest organ of the human body & so it must be taken care of at every stage of life.

Healthy skin diet

The skin microbiome consists of resident and transient microbes. Making sure that the skin barrier, normal resident flora and immune responses are intact keeps these microbes in check.


nutrition for skin

nutrition for skin

Epidemiological evidence shows a clear association between gut problems and skin disorders.
If you want to heal your skin, you have to heal your gut.
In order to heal your gut, you have to correctly identify the reason for any dysfunction.

After 25 years begins the natural biological process of ageing of an organism and this process begins with the skin.

Or skin gradually loses its elasticity due to the lack of collagen and elastin.

In other words, the quantity of collagen fibres, responsible for the elasticity of the skin decreases with time.
The remaining fibres we have become incapable of retaining as much moisture as before. Because of this our skin becomes drier and looks older. Our skin doesn’t regenerate properly, showing lowered immune functions.

Nutrition for your skin type

How often do we hear this at skincare counters or when we go for facial? Well, the same goes for nutrition for skin. Sure, there may be some hard and fast rules that everyone can take home but we believe, like you, in individual care.

Just like there’s bacteria on skin we also have bacteria in our gut that’s responsible for how our skin and body respond to food, stresses and our environment. The functional approach to healthy skin explains why we might have the best diet in the world but still have so-so skin.
Susannah wants to give your skin the best possible refreshed, revitalised glow. Non porous skin looks better under any lighting. When we create the right internal environment by nutrition for skin our skin responds readily in a way that protects.

Without addressing the underlying causes of your skin issues, even the healthiest diet leaves your skin defenceless and prone to all kinds of damage that is harder to repair with time. Who wants to wave a flag at negative influences of our environment when we should be enjoying our holiday in sunny climates? Our skin becomes more vulnerable over time. If we don’t take good care of it now it won’t carry out the function of a being a barrier to these negative influences, as it did in our younger age.

nutrition for skin

nutrition for skin

Wrinkles, low turgor and unhealthy discolourations of our skin signal we need to give our skin more care. We want to help you build the best foundation to the point that you are confident you know more about your body and more about your skin. You will be able to reasonably judge what signs of aging are part of a natural process and what signs aren’t.
Most of all we want to give you the power to have the right nutrition dos and don’ts that will actually make a difference you can see, a difference you can measure.

Safe, clinical, practical and effective.

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