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High Heels Good or Bad?

High heels good or bad?

Are high heels good or bad? We love high heels but do they love us?  A woman’s foot betrays her shoe-wearing history (often not pretty) and we had no idea heels and health were quite so closely linked – but they are, as osteopath and naturopath Susannah Makram reveals. In terms of our health, are high heels good or bad?

Susannah is author of The Body Youth Code and founder of aesthetic osteopathy which she practices at the BVLGARI Hotel SPA and Chelsea.

Find out about osteopathy and naturopathy, functional nutrition at Knightsbridge and Chelsea. Her functional take on personalised nutrition  following her background in osteopathy and naturopathy has helped numerous patients.

She is founder of The Functional Healthcare Group. Her thought-provoking guest post on the link between high heels and inflammation points out that things may not be as clear-cut as we’d like to think. Are high heels good or bad?

“We spend approximately one third of our life in bed and the other two thirds in shoes”

Even flats, as Susannah points out, can be demanding too, when the body is in motion.
The key – like Cinderella’s dilemma – is finding the right fit for our feet (and “sole mate”, but that’s another story for another day).

Susannah’s love of shoes is well documented so she get asked the question a lot, not just by her clients but also at Louboutin stockists where there is as much interest in the pleasure as there is the pain. May be more. If there were was an question in need of answering it is the dilemma we face, as lovers of the beautifully crafted heel – are high heels good or bad?

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