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Top Ten Foodie Tips in London

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Top Ten Foodie Tips in London

How to find the restaurants in London is best left to the traveller! We eat out regularly in London, Knightsbridge. Some say we can’t compare to Milan or Paris. We disagree! We have famous restaurants in London. Here I curate my personal favourite for healthy fine dining, brunch, healthy takeout and more! FOLLOW and ask or better yet see it for yourself.  Top foodie tips in London  for the discerning palate. Live well, eat well, with flavour, finesse — hey! Only the smart investing in health can achieve it. We’re proving it daily. 
London accommodates for every palate. We’re probably the most multicultural city in the world. Any vegan can find a fine selection of restaurants and cafes. Gluten free options are more available than ever. We have delicious vegetarian food as well as a wide variety of Japanese fusion fine dining experiences.

Top Ten Foodie Tips in London

Top Ten Foodie Tips in London


Annabels is a one of the top fun places to eat in London. It’s also boast some of the best food in London. Top menu picks for lunch or business lunch at Annabels. Best food in London in terms of variety in Mayfair:

Annabels menu vegan
Lentil & Chickpea Salad Seed Crackers
Annabels menu vegetarian
Annabels menu keto
Grilled Dover Sole
Sirloin Wagyu Beef
Annabels menu Gluten free
Sushi and sashimi selection minus sauces

L’Eto top menu picks for lunch or business lunch at L’Eto
L’Eto menu vegan
Udo & Pak Choi
L’Eto menu vegetarian
Pugliese Burrata
L’Eto menu keto
Roasted spring Chicken
L’Eto menu Gluten free
Sweet Corn Fritters
Crab and avocado salad

Vegan Foodie Tips in London

Notable vegan dishes or must try food in London.
Wulf and Lamb top pick vegan dish
The Wolf Burger (made with seitan which is quite rare to find eating out in London)
Farmacy top pick vegan dish

Top foodie picks for dinner on weekday

For fresh, simple Italian food Daphne’s caters to a wide range of delicate palates. It should be noted that top quality olive oil in a London Italian restaurant does not go unnoticed!
Daphne’s menu vegetarian
Zucchini frites
spinach with olive oil or garlic
Mushroom risotto
Amaya menu vegetarian
Amaya situated in Belgravia is perfect for a private business lunch. They regularly update their seasonal menu so we’ll stay on top of that here.
Chargrilled Aubergine
Shakarkhand Chaat
Beetroot chop
Vegetable Biryani

vegan food london

vegan food london

Must eat food in London

Patisserie Valerie is not the obvious place to go for a meal as it’s famous for it’s cakes. It’s really good for a wholesome, nourishing meal.

Patisserie Valerie keto
Michelangelo Salad (you can ask for without tomatoes)
Smoked Chicken Salad
Smoked Salmon Salad
Patisserie Valerie gluten free
Michelangelo Salad
Patisserie Valerie vegan
Toasted Mediterranean Flatbread
Patisserie Valerie vegetarian
Croque Champignon

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Gymkhana authentic Indian food for lunch
Gymkhana gluten free
Dosa, Chettinad Duck, Coconut Chutney

For more on best restaurants in London and the world traveler, with fine dining options for the health conscious foodie palate…


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