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Retox Detox Your Jet set Lifestyle

Retox Detox. Reset your jet set lifestyle. We got you. Whether is simple yet creative healthy recipes you’re after or the the real deal full-on: personalised nutrition makes us healthy in modern times.

Retox Detox

SAFE. In your EAT DRINK TAKE MAKE you take ownership of your health. Recognise a treat from an every day food.

CLINICAL applications of cold press juice for health vary from individual to individual. Lots of people with a really inflamed gut can’t deal with insoluble fibre and other tough fibres in fresh fruits and vegetables. JUICE PLUS may also be the best and safest farm to capsule form of nutrient dense fruit and vegetables on a daily basis.

Retox Detox

Retox Detox

Cold Press Juice

Cold press juice can deliver nutrients to our cells like a shot and give time to our gut to rest and digest. This reduces stress and bloating and can help us manage our appetite better.

Cold Pressed Juice London Delivery

Cold Pressed Juice London Delivery

Glutathione is a prime antioxidant in the body. Glutathione helps protect against oxidative damage. Glutathione has a regulatory effect on the immune system. Glutathione is naturally occurring in raw fruits and vegetables and raw meats, so juicing can deliver glutathione to your body efficiently and effectively in a form that is bioavailable.

Cold pressed juice is part of the GAPS diet, which is designed to help in the gut healing process. Cold pressed juice is part of the GAPS diet, designed to help the gut healing process.

PRACTICAL. Everything is sleek, like your naturopathic portfolio. Its dimensions have been considered to fit into your Chanel or Prada handbag, your Tumi tote and and iPad Case! At Susannah Makram Clinics we consider what works for your life and style. How’d you get all your fruits and vegetables from restaurant menus and airports and airplanes? I mean, do we really have time to eat three kilos of fresh produce? Cold Pressed Juice London gives you that time back.

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Longing for accessible cold-pressed juices and nut mylks? Retox detox.

If you take the DNA diet for weight loss to change your life completely – or not – it doesn’t matter. We got you.The SAFE way. SEE and FEEL effective results. 


Knightsbridge Club Membership

Knightsbridge Club Membership


  • We create a personal treatment plan for each client. This can include meditation, yoga and exercise.

Knightsbridge Detox


A system’s review:

If you’re not sure about treatment you may contact us with your enquiry.

Expect: Medical history taking, health check, physical examination and explanation of findings through.


When necessary, you may be referred for the following investigations to check for:

– Imbalances in specific hormone levels
– Allergies, intolerances, food sensitivities
– Vitamin and mineral deficiencies
– Genetic & molecular cell health via DNA analysis for weight loss & male fertility

A wide range of functional laboratory tests are available Find out more  ➜
The Body Youth Code captures what is best about osteopathy and naturopathy.


The Body Youth Code – TBYC – 4 Stage Method

Safe. Clinical. Practical. Effective

Adult Acne

Adult Acne
Treat adult acne in 4 phases without prescription medication. Find out about natural anti inflammatory products like: hinokitiolCanadian Willowherb ™, resveratrol and tea tree oil, oligopeptide-10 instead of synthetic antibiotics where resistance is a growing problem.

Adult acne

Phase 1: Exfoliate to remove cell build-up
Phase 2: Reduce the amount of acne bacteria (P. acnes)
Phase 3: Control sebum production. Repair skin texture and tone
Phase 4: Protect against inflammation and UV damage

Adult Acne

Adult Acne

Adult Acne treatment

Adult skin or adult acne is different than teenage skin or teenage acne.
(i) It produces less oil
(ii) Has a slower rate of cell turnover
(iii) heals at a different rate.
Products designed for teenage skin are often too harsh for adults. Using them can lead to irritation and dryness. At the same time, adults are concerned with visible signs of aging. Signs of ageing: fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin tone.

natural skin care

natural skin care

Adults can get acne in their 30s, 40s and 50s. Some will even develop it for the first time as an adult. This is referred to as adult-onset acne.

Acne affects 25% of men and 50% of women at some point in their adult lives. 


Causes Adult Acne

(i) Stress
(ii) Hormone Fluctuations
(iii) Skin care products and hair care products
(iv) Underlying Medical Condition
(v) Side-effect of medications
(vi) Genetics

At Susannah Makram Clinics we use our nutrition and lifestyle combined with carefully selected skin care prodtcs based on our client’s precise skin requirements. We offer natural solutions and discuss treatment options available to our client.

Inflammation is a cause and a result of acne. White blood cells are drawn to acne lesions as an immune response to P. acnes bacteria, which in turn causes inflammation.

It’s critical to block UV rays with a broad-spectrum sunscreen that contains ingredients to help calm acne and maintain the skin’s delicate moisture balance.

What’s your optimal natural skin care regimen?


Safe, clinical, practical and effective.

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