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Back Pain in The Middle East

Back Pain in The Middle East

A large majority of people will experience back pain at some point in their lives. It’s estimated that 540 million people globally are affected by low back pain. It’s the main cause of disability worldwide. A peer-reviewed research study concluded that the highest prevalence of low back pain is in Western Europe, followed by the MENA region (Middle East North Africa), and the lowest is in the Caribbean and Latin America.1

In this article I go through the following

What is pain exactly?

How do we measure pain? Is this important when we find your best back pain treatment plan?

What is back pain?

back pain expert

back pain expert

It’s easy to say we have back pain. When it comes to describing what that actually is though isn’t so easy.

When to seek medical attention

The warning signs for when you need to seek medical attention. There is no “normal” back pain. Sometimes it’s crucial that the pain you have is dealt with immediately. Click here to know when.
Tips on self-care and managing occasional back pain
If you follow us on instagram you’ll find many gems for back pain relief now.

The back pain patient’s health journey

Step by step I take you through the whole health(care) journey starting from when you first encounter back pain.

I also go over my most frequently asked question:

“What’s the difference between physiotherapy, osteopathy, and chiropractic?”

If you suffer occasional back pain, then I go over some self-care tips in the article, For managing back pain pain once you have got the right treatment, I suggest you stay updated and keep in touch via our live feed where we connect to many experts, products, services around the world.

I’ve spoken about this topic frequently across on my blog. The differences vary from country to country.

Here’s the full article published in the Middle East Medical Portal.



Knightsbridge Osteopath

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Knightsbridge Osteopath

How to fix pain with osteopathy sessions immediately, safely and without can help with exactly? Susannah’s based in Knightsbridge helping 30-50 clients weekly with her over ten years experience, to manage pain safely and optimise movement. This improves static and dynamic posture by delivering safe, effective treatment for back pain relief.

How to fix pain

Does your London osteopath offer osteopathy aftercare?  You may find osteopaths online as based in the Knightsbridge area but you have to be in the know if you’re looking for your neighbourhood Knightsbridge, Chelsea Osteopath. If Susannah’s not there, she’s abroad working with families, businesses get their energy back. 

@susannahmakram knightsbridge osteopath

Instagram review Knightsbridge osteopath

Healing holidays

Will you try osteopathy for back pain? Is an osteopath or chiropractor right for you? Join the knowledge exchange as we review these and other questions on back pain exercises, muscle pain, posture, here.

You can find a treatment that is results driven. Relaxing yet energising. SAFE, CLINICAL, PRACTICAL EFFECTIVE.
Osteopathy at the Bulgari Hotel SPA Knightsbridge is geared towards your back pain management and other musculoskeletal aches and postural problems. Did you know that AESTHETIC OSTEOPATHY by Susannah Makram is a trademarked collection of personalised treatment techniques.


Aesthetic Osteopathy™ is our safe, clinical, practice, effective series of treatments for visible improvement of silhouette, posture and muscle tissue health, tone and texture. AESTHETIC OSTEOPATHY ™ is Susannah Makram’s collection of BODY and FACE treatments that are:

firming and lifting

aesthetic osteopathy

aesthetic osteopathy


The natural curves of our spine are safely considered with each of our collection of aesthetic osteopathy™ body and face treatments.
“You’re only as young and as healthy as your spine is strong and supple.” – Ancient yogi saying.

When we look at our overall lifestyle we can decide what’s results driven for ourselves. Osteopaths are like pain detectives. They look at the body and treat is as a whole. that’s why more and more people are seeking out the best osteopath in London for treatment.

They say our face, neck and hands are the biggest give away of our age. Susannah believes the axis running through sinus cavities in our head, connecting and running in between our lungs, the joints in our pubic bones: our spine that ages naturally, when well maintained, preserves our youthful appearance.


Our posture is not just how we sit, not just how we stand — it’s how our body moves.
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Osteopath or chiropractor

Contact us and find out about osteopathy in Chelsea and Knightsbridge. The best osteopath will discuss care and management, available treatment options for your back pain, so you know what to expect.

Your Osteopath will diagnose and treat musculoskeletal problems. The problems are related to altered mechanics, function and posture. Osteopathy is a hands on physical therapy. Osteopaths diagnose and treat musculoskeletal problems. Osteopathy is a physical therapy.

Osteopathy is a system of diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of conditions, including back pain.
Osteopathy for back pain works using the study of functional anatomy, physiology and pathology.

Susannah provides hands on treatment for back pain and neck pain. First, she hears the story of your condition. A physical exam includes postural assessment. It also include physical assessment of nerve and muscle function testing.

WHAT TO EXPECT — read a review at CONDE NAST and follow @susannahmakram for life as a Knightsbridge osteopath and naturopath

Ski Season

Ski Season

 Ski season: Getting shipshape for ski season at London’s Bulgari Hotel

We’re off to Zurich, Montreux, Chamonix. We love ski season Austria, ski season France. Won’t you join us?

Telegraph Travel
Most recreational skiers/snowboarders admit they hit the slopes with too little preparation. This fact alone greatly increases risk of injury. Weak and tired muscles make ski injuries more likely. How can we prepare for ski season?
knightsbridge osteopath

knightsbridge osteopath

Most Common Ski Injuries

Knee injuries are the most common ski injury. Typically knee ACL tear. We see recurrent ankle sprain and hip or groin strain from injury second to this most commonly. Low back pain tends to creep in when muscles overworking to keep our bodies balanced, become fatigued.

Ski Preparation is key!

Read about our ski season ski fit programme in the Telegraph luxury Travel edition. 
It’s advisable to follow a dynamic posture strengthening programme for at least two months before ski season. Ski Preparation is key to having an amazing ski season.
Many ski injuries like knee injuries happen at the end of the day when tired. Knee injuries also include meniscal tears and bursitis.

Ski Season Austria

Weak and tired muscles make ski injuries more likely. So most office workers traveling non-stop for business will struggle with the sudden change of pace that skiing will do to the body.

Low back pain and knee pain can be related as we change the way we walk. Our bodies take time to “re-balance” — we can help speed this up for those who need to fly, work, ski some more.

When does ski season start?

Ski season Europe starts when you say it does. This is the reality. If it’s peak season climate wise, doesn’t mean your body is. If you want to make the most out of ski season then you’ve got to prepare for it. Or eat fondue. Up to you! The average ski holiday is man-handled by a rich and varied array of extremely hungover, under-qualified, disgruntled individuals. You’ll become one of them if you suffer the most common ski injury.

Skiing is awesome but accidents can and do happen so be prepared for the best ski season of your life.

What’s osteopathy like? 

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Angie Silverspoon came to visit Susannah Makram osteopath specialist @ the BVLGARI SPA LONDON. Susannah introduced Angie to the spectrum of osteopathy treatments at the BVLGARI HOTEL SPA – conveniently located in the heart of Knightsbridge, by Harrods and Harvey Nichols.


Angie Silver is the curator of SilverSpoon London – her luxury lifestyle, food and travel blog. Follow Angie on her luxury lifestyle journeys!

Aesthetic osteopathy

Cupping massage for cellulite is part of aesthetic osteopathy. Discuss your goals when you book your appointment with Susannah. 
Susannah tailors every guest’s osteopathy experience.

Most importantly, it’s SAFE. Osteopathy helps maximise gym performance and re-energise. Get clean and lean without injury risk. Follow the #aestheticosteopathy  hashtag.
Angie trialled osteopathy with Susannah, the Knightsbridge osteopath to relax and re-energise the body. Click here to find your osteopath in Knightsbridge.




The osteopathic health journey with Susannah treats the body as a whole. The treatment on the SPA menu is osteopathy. Osteopathy will realign your posture preformed carefully for your optimal comfort.

Initially apprehensive about osteopathy, Angie saw Susannah to find out if the treatment techniques would leave any unpleasant side effects and if cupping massage left any marks on the back.

DID YOU KNOW? #Aestheticosteopathy can help improve appearance of the ageing spine as well as skin tone via cupping massage and lymphatic drainage – visibly delivering results.

Practical solutions for the modern man, women and families travelling to London. 

Cupping massage stimulates the circulation of the blood and also activates the burning of fat. Manual Lymphatic Drainage works well if the cellulite is accompanied by water retention.

Speak with one of our team about osteopathy @ the BVLGARI SPA  on 0207-151-1010



Cure Your Instagram Addiction

Is instagram bad for our health?

How is instgaram bad for our health? First, welcome to the Instagram generation.

Instagram SusannahMakram

Instagram SusannahMakram

As an osteopath I’ve only seen teenagers in my clinic in the last 3 years of my 10 years in practice. But we’re an instagram generation now. All day we scroll. Is instagram really bad for our health though?

Students on instagram

If you’re an International student in London you might have sudden back pain. Why? Can low back pain or neck pain come from the stress of study? Can new muscle ache, migraine or headache be related to tension in our muscles? can our bodies respond in this way also to being in a new environment? A new study room, lots of books and lot’s of work on the computer. A new bed too!

mind and technology cleanse

mind and technology cleanse

Is it any wonder the ipad and instagram have added to our problems. Body imbalance from strains and sprain of muscles and ligaments can affect our sleep too. This makes us unable to concentrate and feel tired all the time. 

What’s the best mattress for back pain?

How does scrolling affect our posture?

susannahmakram instagram

susannahmakram instagram

As part of a new treatment, entitled the ‘Mind & Technology Cleanse’ at The Bulgari Hotel London Spa, a two-hour session promises to treat our technology-ridden bodies. Do you really need two whole hours and what will a single session achieve exactly. Ask us now! 02070603181

Cure Your Instagram Addiction

The Spa that will cure your instagram addiction they called it……

Are you an iphone addict and would you stop scrolling if you knew what it did to, not just your overall health but also performance. What if we were more productive and is quitting instagram really the answer?

In truth, you might have no idea how much you’ll benefit from the sessions until you have them. Why? Osteopathy is not just for back pain.

So what do they think about it @ Amuse ?! 

Instagram review osteopathy

instagram @susannahamakram @tamaraalgabbani#
Tamara Al Gabbani SM Susannah Makram
لمراجعة والعلاج الطبيعي الحديث عن آلام الظهر وأكثر من ذلكSee More
#instagram #susannahamakram #tamaraalgabbani
Tamara Al Gabbani SM Susannah Makram
Ask about back pain and much more.#follow #london #knightsbridge #osteopathy #backpain #health
Instagram review

Instagram review osteopathy


We reach out and answer questions about osteopathy and cupping massage. We exclusively offer aesthetic osteopathy in Knightsbridge and Chelsea — find out more.

Instagram Review Osteopathy

Follow us. See a day in the life of Knightsbridge Osteopath and naturopath Susannah.

Cupping massage

Why’s cupping massage good for cellulite and water retention? What is cellulite exactly? Have you considered seeing real results for example, of natural aesthetic treatments lie cupping massage for cellulite and receiving safe advise about rounded shoulders and ageing posture?

Cupping massage stimulates the circulation of the blood and also activates the burning of fat. Manual Lymphatic Drainage works well if the cellulite is accompanied by water retention.

Tamara Al Gabbani instagram

It was such a pleasure to meet Tamara and I suggest you follow our instagram accounts to find out what we got up to on her last visit to London…

Chelsea Osteopath

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Chelsea Osteopath

Sloane Square magazine caught up with Chelsea women in business. Catch Susannah’s #QOTD for women in business in the February 2017 edition of Sloane Square Magazine.

SUSANNAH MAKRAM – Chelsea osteopath @ The Chelsea Private Clinic

Chelsea osteopath

Chelsea osteopath

Follow us! Knightsbridge & Chelsea resident osteopath Instagram account for more quotes like this. We provide up-to-date info re the community, healthy living and healthy eating in the SW community. Can we make our London lifestyle work for us? What is being healthy exactly?

DID YOU KNOW? There’s good evidence that osteopathy is effective in treating persistent low back pain.
The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) recommends it as a treatment for this condition.

To an osteopath, for our body to work well, its structure must also work well. So osteopaths work to restore our body to a state of balance. We do this, where possible, without the use of drugs or surgery.
Osteopaths use touch, physical manipulation, stretching and massage. The techniques increase the mobility of joints, to relieve muscle tension. Also these enhance the blood and nerve supply to tissues. This helps our body’s own healing mechanisms.
They may also provide advice on posture and exercise to aid recovery, promote health and prevent symptoms recurring.

Posture advice

Posture advice

Chelsea Osteopath welcomes you to comment! Where are our followers from?

Bongiourno! Bonjour! Guten morgen! Sabah el kheir!

доброе утро

صباح الخير

Osteopathy specialises in the (i) diagnosis, (ii) management, (iii) treatment and (iv) prevention of musculoskeletal and other related disorders.

Osteopathy in London

Your osteopath will give you a clear explanation of what they find (their diagnosis) and discuss a treatment plan that is suitable for you. They will explain the benefits and any risks of the treatment they are recommending. It is important to understand and agree what the treatment can achieve, and the likely number of sessions needed for a noticeable improvement in how you feel.

Treatment is hands-on and involves skilled manipulation of the spine and joints, and massage of soft tissues. Your osteopath will explain what they are doing and will always ask your permission to treat you (known as consent). Ask questions at any time if you are unsure what you have been told or if you have any concerns.

Self-help measures and advice on exercise may be offered to assist your recovery, prevent recurrence or worsening of symptoms.


Best hydrating drink

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Best hydrating drink

Resident Nutrition expert Susannah caught up with Women’s Health Mag to talk hydration. FAQ: How many litres of water should I drink a day? The model answer considers our daily physical activity and our health status. How much water we need is different depending, therefore, on our lifestyle. Our Mayfair and Knightsbridge, London lifestyle is on-the-go. Find your tailored Eat DRINK Take Make plan according to YOUR lifestyle.

Best hydrating drink

Best hydrating drink

The climate we live in also alters our recommended daily amount fluid intake. Water is our body’s principal chemical component and makes up about 60 percent of our body weight. If you want to know when you should be drinking water to guarantee healthy weight loss ask us.

best hydrating drink

best hydrating drink

Mineral water anyone? What makes the best hydrating drink? Let’s face it, sometimes, water gets boring. How much water should we drink each day away way? Especially when we’re working up a sweat, we need to replenish our lost water. Chugging litres of the stuff can become a chore. So, let’s pep up our water bottle!

Best sports drink

Sports drinks are increasingly regarded as an essential adjunct for anyone doing exercise, but the evidence for this view is lacking. Of course the best hydrating drink will always differ from individual to individual, depending on our body’s needs and what our health status is like at any given time. Even the guidelines for how much water we should be drinking vary.

Water is our body’s principal chemical component. Water makes up about 60-70% of our body weight. Every system in our body depends on water. For example, water flushes toxins out of vital organs, carries nutrients to your cells. It also provides a moist environment for ear, nose and throat tissues.

Lack of water can lead to dehydration. Even mild dehydration can drain your energy and make you tired.

What would you do if you got your energy back?

Drink more water

Water is your body’s principal chemical component and makes up about 60-70% of your body weight. One part of our body that relies on adequate water intake is the kidneys. The kidneys are organs that might not get as much attention as our heart or lungs. However, our kidneys are responsible for many functions that help keep the body as healthy as possible.

How much water should we drink each day?

According to the Institute of Medicine (IOM), an adequate intake for men is approximately 13 cups (3 liters) a day. For women, an adequate intake is around 9 cups (2.2 liters).

Hop over to Women’s Health Mag to read Susannah’s water pep up recommendation here.

Sleep and Skin

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Sleeping Beauty

BBeauty Arabia is the go-to for on trend beauty tips. Secrets to beauty that last long after the makeup has come off – check it out! Susannah sat down with the team to spill natural skincare secrets. Does our skin suffer when we lose snooze time? What’s happening to our skin when we sleep? Does the real life, modern sleeping beauty exist?

sleep and skin

sleep and skin

Clear skin overnight

Acne and blemishes can trouble us at various stages in our lives. I know, it really isn’t fair, is it? We know about all kinds of skin problems, like acne, with triggers that need care and attention. Have we ever considered the importance of sleep in this equation though? Does it really make a difference? Find out here.


sleep and skin

sleep and skin

Sleep and skin

What’s happening to our skin overnight might shock you. Sleep and wrinkles are a pertinent topic of discussion for skin experts. We want options. We want to know what really makes a difference when it comes to antiaging skin care. Susannah summaries the shocking effects of sleep deprivation on skin here.

Luxury Skin care

Head over to Beauty Arabia and get the facts on overnight skin care. Luxury skin care often include overnight serums and overnight creams, moisturisers, skin caviar etc.

AlumierMD was created by a team of experienced PhD biochemists, physicians and skin care specialists.

They developed scientific formulations using innovative ingredients at optimal levels within advanced delivery systems.

Find out more. 

What if, all along, it was that you got pice of mind from these products? What if, all along it was that extra hour of good old fashioned zeds that left you waking up more beautiful and with younger looking skin?

For Healthy Hair

Hair Salon

Susannah sat with STYLENEST to bring us top tips for healthy hair. We all want that ‘just stepped out of the hair salon’ look. We want it 7 days a week. The Sophia Loren blow dry. Katy Perry hairstyles. Nancy Ajram –we want healthy, shiny hair no matter the weather. At destination men’s grooming salon and spa at The Refinery, Mayfair & Knightsbridge Susannah consults.

For Healthy Hair

For healthy hair you just have to know the basics. Hair styling and the environment can really take its toll on our tresses over time. London’s raining days and air pollution are best friends with fringes but frizz and overheating.
Susannah gives away 5 secrets to healthy looking hair all week long. You do not have to spend your weekends fixing hair style disasters. You don’t need to apply vast amounts of product. If you do apply product, make sure you’re applying it properly. Gentlemen, are you listening?

For Healthy Hair

For Healthy Hair

Underlying health conditions need to be addressed for long lasting results. Are you ready to make that investment?  Beauty tips for hair care vary in outcome. Want the whole story — then you’ll get the right care pathway.
Functional naturopathy in London care means testing the cause or causes of your concern. Functional naturopathic nutrition is a journey to health.

As a West End Naturopath Susannah knows our modern lifestyles requires a little help every now and then.
To boost performance, sexual confidence and to help prevent illness.
It’s an investment with the highest possible return. Knowledge is power and your secret weapon for healthy hair, for youthful looks and energy like you had in your teens.

If you suspect underling health problems or simply cannot sustain the healthy head of hair you had not long ago, find to what we can do to help you. Finding out whether or not we’ve inflammation or inflammatory markers triggered by our diet and environment is life changing. Addressing the causes of inflammation and learning how to live an anti-inflammatory lifestyle can dramatically improve your health.

Beauty Tips

Susannah’s beauty tips are for beauty from the inside out at any age that can be passed from generation to generation.
Different types of hair require different types of care but beautiful hair requires care. No matter what. Read Susannah’s top 5 tips for healthy hair here.

Safe, clinical, practical and effective.

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