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10 signs of SIBO

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10 signs SIBO & difference between IBS and SIBO. The FODMAP diet and why it’s not for everybody. Most digestive problems like IBS are formed by lifestyle; our nutrition & our daily stress. Digestive complaints — constipation, diarrhoea, heartburn and bloating are very common.

The IBS diet

Most digestive problems like IBS and SIBO are formed by lifestyle; our nutrition and our daily stress. Digestive complaints — constipation, diarrhoea, heartburn and bloating are very common. SIBO can leave us feeling tired all the time. SIBO or IBS? (read on)…

We shouldn’t have to live with them though.


SIBO is Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth. It’s often confused with IBS (Irritable Bowl Syndrome).
Dysbiosis is a microbial imbalance on or inside the body. 10 Signs of SIBO — read on…

FODMAP, GAPS paleolithic diet, pegan diet, sirtfoods, sugar free. What’s our take on these?

London Nutrition expert Susannah at The Bulgari Hotel, Knightsbridge and The Chelsea Private Clinic uses a functional approach. This can help identify between SIBO and IBS.

Digestive issues affect gut healthLondon naturopath and osteopath Susannah looks at total body wellness. Her gut health assessment links dysfunction to skin issues, stubborn belly fat, tiredness, low immunity, musculoskeletal pain, etc…
— How can you actually use this? —

SIBO test

SIBO test

10 signs of SIBO

1. Gas 2. Bloating 3. Diarrhoea 4. Abdominal pain or abdominal cramping 5. Constipation (much less common than diarrhoea) 6. Diagnosis of IBS or IBD irritable bowel syndrome or inflammatory bowel disease
7. Food intolerances such as
and more
Can we get rid of food intolerance for good? Drop us a line. How can we help answer your food intolerance questions?
8. Chronic illnesses such as: fibromyalgia : chronic fatigue syndrome : diabetes : neuromuscular disorders
autoimmune disorders
9.  Nutrient deficiencies and their associated symptoms: Vitamin B12, A, D, E, iron, other B vitamins, fat, protein and carbohydrate malabsorption.
Carbohydrate intolerance-symptoms se.g. bloating or pain or gas or fatigue after eating.
Fat malabsorption.
10. Joint pain

SIBO test

SIBO Breath Test This is the gold standard. However, it’s quite cumbersome. Individuals must fast for 12 hours, breathe into a small balloon, ingest a precise amount of sugar and repeat breath samples every 15 minutes for 3 or more hours. Abnormal breath tests also can signify pancreatic insufficiency and celiac disease.

Organix Dysbiosis Test or Urine Organic Acid Test This functional medicine lab test the urine for by-products of yeast or bacteria in the small intestine. If your small intestine is housing a yeast or bacterial overgrowth, byproducts will appear in your urine, indicating their presence. This test is much easier for patients and only requires one single urine specimen. This is the test I use most often in my clinic.

Comprehensive Stool Test This is also a functional medicine lab test looking at the flora of the large intestines.

History By listening to our patient’s history and symptoms oftentimes, this can reveal far more than any test. The question is, can we make a diagnosis of SIBO in order to effectively treat it?

SIBO diet

The goals of treatment for SIBO and IBS are In The Four Phases.

PHASE 1) correct underlying cause PHASE 2) provide the 2 PHASE plan: nutrition support to target the cause 3) Nutritional support to treat side-effects of malabsorption 4) treat bacterial overgrowth

The standard treatment for SIBO is an antibiotic called Xifaxan or Rifaximin. You may be prescribed this by a prescribing physician as part of our clinic team. Because Xifaxan isn’t well absorbed throughout the body, it mostly stays in the gut. So, it’s effective against SIBO. The antibiotic – probiotic combination is carefully considered @ Susannah Makram Clinics. The right amount of probiotic is incorporated into your FOUR PHASE treatment.

Nutrient supplementation is only effective to target your primary health concern when administered in this supervised manner.



Sibo Treatment

So now you know the 10 signs of SIBO. Generally, it’s advised to adopt a long-term diet low in carbohydrates. Specifically, refined carbohydrates. HOWEVER, Candida overgrowth is more common in those susceptible to SIBO. So we may set ourselves up for more issues with low carbohydrate diets thus.

EAT DRINK TAKE MAKE for SIBO and IBS. What it is. Personalised nutrition in the 4) phases. What it’s not: a generic FODMAP Diet or the GAPS Diet – in fact it’s not a diet at all! Functional Nutrition with Susannah is designed to be effective by its practical nature that fits into your lifestyle as well as the specially designed methodical approach it takes to heal your gut.

Nutrition: The Secret To Success


Naturopathic medicine & its principles are historically powerful evidence-based methods of treating the signs of ageing. The secret to success by nutrition, by naturopathy all begins here

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SAFE. clinical assessment and examination can prevent CLINICAL. investigation and if this is not needed to scan for serious disease then it must be divisive to PRACTICAL. personalised nutritional treatment to be EFFECTIVE.

As liaison’s officer to the British Naturopathic Journal, I find this to be more so a priority within the sets of my responsibilities. As founder of The Body Youth Code, founder of The Functional Healthcare Group, I do and I train.

Intrinsic ageing is not a disease but a natural process. This is why, when my client feels let down by unsuccessful treatment, balance is our goal. Repair to solve extrinsic signs of ageing comes next. This is weight loss; hair loss & skincare; chronic Fatigue (or unexplained fatigue)


Gut health – The human intestinal tract harbours a diverse and complex microbial community which plays a central role in human health. So, when treating the body as a whole, it makes sense to address to the cause of skin conditions, low energy levels, unhealthy weight gain etc. to what we put inside our bodies. i.e. our gut health

Professional athletes are reaching their full potential. They’re at the top of their game by taking their nutrition seriously. We start by wanting to take ownership of their health. Effective personalised nutrition – what’s yours? 

CEOs and diplomats and anyone susceptible to stress – any one, in other words! – testify to this fact. Making this manageable in today’s world need not be difficult. It is possible. iStock_000051960718_Small

To all people food is knowledge. It’s not just fuel for the body and its systems.

On a cellular level, nutrition is a vital part of managing the undesirable signs of accelerated ageing [tweetthis]#Nutrition is a vital part of managing the undesirable signs of accelerated #ageing [/tweetthis]

A gut that is functioning optimally provides the environment necessary for inside out health. Our body works as a functional unit.

It takes a lot of energy to break down food with a gut that is not working properly….  [tweetthis]It takes a lot of energy to break down food with a gut that is not working properly[/tweetthis]    for whatever reason!

If we want our nutrition to fuel our body instead of making us unwell and tired all the time, we need to have good gut function.  a healthy gut This in turn directs energies towards cell renewal which is the number one mechanism to reverse the signs of ageing. Tapping into this store of energy successfully, from one individual to the next, is a process that requires the clinical expertise.

Energy by nutrition enhances cell turnover rate to reverse the signs of ageing.   [tweetthis]Direct energy by nutrition towards enhancing your cell turnover rate & reverse ageing.[/tweetthis]


The Body Youth Code is solutions-based. We examine and see how the body is functioning – as a whole. Osteopathy and Naturopathy use such holistic methods .

Osteopathy looks at what factors are causing the body to stop functioning at its best.  The better that this is understood, the better your treatment results. This is equal for back pain, neck pain as for naturopathic nutrition. Personalising this is for your healthy weight loss. Nutrition for healthy skin and nutrition for hair loss require an understanding of the problem from its root. Fertility nutrition and nutrition for tiredness, weakness or fatigue have often more than one cause.

The Body Youth Code has roots in osteopathic and naturopathic principles. The pathophysiology of disease and its specific effect on the neuroendocrine system needs understanding.

“Diagnosis”means to know… through and through, the Greek roots “dia”, meaning ‘through’ (as in diagonal – an angle through) and “gnosis” meaning ‘essential knowing.’

Safe, clinical, practical and effective.

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